- - Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Water deposits have been found on Mars. Really, is this such a great revelation? For years, astronomers have focused on ice formations at Mars’ poles. Given the recent photographs from Voyager, we know that Pluto contains water. Common sense tells us that water is not indigenous to Earth only.

Now the talk is about life on Mars. To that, what’s the big deal? To those who still think Earth is flat, life does exist elsewhere in the universe. Humankind and science have been fools to believe all these years that life exists only here on this little marble against the backdrop of a deep, black void of limitless space.

Carbon-based life forms predominate here. But others unknown to science most assuredly exist in the galactic scheme of things, whatever such is. According to ancient astronaut theorists, humans came to this planet from elsewhere. Human DNA is so foreign to other species on this planet, the resounding belief is that humans were transported from an exogenous venue (some even say from Mars prior to that planet’s atmospheric and planetary collapse).

As time goes on, humanity will come to realize we are not the only game in town.


Terre Haute, Ind.

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