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One media outlet is reporting the story of a group called Enterprise Community Partners, a non-profit group that received more than $33 million in tax dollars in 2014. This group utterly failed in projects to help eradicate poverty, which is its mission. Even worse, it paid outrageous salaries to its employees. Enterprise’s CEO received a compensation package worth more than a million dollars in 2014. Its top 48 officers averaged salaries of $267,000.

Despite paying its executives bloated salaries and completely failing in its mission, the government continues to fund this group.

In testimony before the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Jason Chaffetz cross examined Planned Parenthood’s CEO Cecile Richards and revealed that Planned Parenthood spent $40 million on celebrity parties, first class travel, charter travel and entertainment. One of the parties that Planned Parenthood sponsored was called “A gathering of godesses and gods.”

Planned Parenthood gets $700 million a year in non-government funds. Last year, it had a surplus of $127 million.

So why is Planned Parenthood getting government handouts?

It is simply government as usual.

That is the problem. The government hands out money like there is no tomorrow. America’s debt shoots through the roof. Americans are now taxed at a record rate and even that is not enough for a government that is a bottomless pit of spending.

One estimate is that $1 trillion of the federal government’s estimated $3.8 trillion budget is wasted.

What does Congress do about it?

Not a thing.

Why should lawmakers? They have taxpayers they can tax to pay for the waste, and much of the waste goes to help politicians get re-elected. Planned Parenthood, for example, funneled half a million dollars to help get Democratic  politicians elected.

So how does this stop?

It is time for a Government Realignment and Closure Commission, similar to the military Base and Realignment Closure Commission that Congress (BRAC) created in the 1990s. In the 1990s, Congress created the Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC).

Following the end of the Cold War, many politicians wanted to get rid of excess military bases but anytime closing a base was proposed, the congressmen and senators representing those bases would step in and block the closure. It took quite a while, but Congress finally came up with the idea of BRAC.

The Government Realignment and Closure Commission simply borrows that idea and applies it to the non-defense budget. With GRAC, the commission would be authorized to go through the non-defense portion of the federal budget looking for examples of fraud, waste, abuse and programs that have simply failed. Those programs would be selected by GRAC for elimination. The GRAC recommendations would go to Congress for a straight up or down vote with no amendments allowed. If the recommendations pass Congress, they go to the White House. The beauty of GRAC is that politicians cannot rescue their favorite programs or horse trade to save programs and increase spending.

GRAC is the perfect tool to eliminate wasteful spending programs, programs that are abused, programs that have failed and programs that are so riddled with fraud that they are useless. GRAC can also help eliminate the type of spending program Congress likes the most — programs whose only purpose is to help get the congressman or senator re-elected.

The Republican Party repeatedly tells us they want to cut spending. But some how they never manage to make any cuts. GRAC is the tool they can use to cut spending.

One thing that infuriates Americans across political lines is government waste. Yet no one ever does anything about it.

That sums up the how and they way, Now the question is which Republicans are committed to cutting government spending and reducing the size of government. Or is that just a line they use on the voters to get elected?

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