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In the last seven years, there has been a huge resurgence of the Republican Party. The moderates controlled the Party in the 2000’s and the end result was a blown mandate, a lost White House and Congress, and the Democrats were given a supermajority in the Senate.

But in the last seven years, things have changed. The Tea Party helped the GOP take back the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014. Texas Senator Ted Cruz has risen from the Tea Party insurgency and will most likely be the Republican nominee for President.

Countering him is Donald Trump. Trump’s philosophy is little more than the word salad he tosses out with every speech he gives.

Then there is liberal John Kasich.

Mr. Kasich, the Ohio Governor, is on a one-man quest to take the Republican Party back to the glory days of 2006, when the GOP was not simply defeated; it was repudiated.

Mr. Kasich’s latest broadside aimed at taking the GOP back to minority status, if not total obscurity, is amnesty. In a recent debate, Mr. Kasich claimed he would work with Congress to get amnesty passed in 100 days.

If there is a single hot-button issue that unites the base, it is amnesty. It is arguable that then President George W. Bush’s push for amnesty in 2005 and 2006 doomed the GOP. Clearly that is a path John Kasich is eager to follow.

While most Republicans cheer the work the agents of the border patrol do, Mr. Kasich called their work, “inhumane.” No, not the working conditions for the agents of the border patrol. Mr. Kasich has a problem deporting illegal aliens. He said, “I don’t think it’s right; I don’t think it’s humane.”

Americans killed by illegal aliens were not available for comment.

But it isn’t just the amnesty that sends John Kasich to the far left. He supports an assault weapons ban. He supports Common Core. He supports Obamacare expansion, same sex marriage and the next step beyond amnesty, a pathway to citizenship.

Who else believes the same things as John Kasich?

Hillary Clinton!

Mr. Kasich says he believes some how or another, Republican delegates to the GOP convention are suddenly going to abandon Ted Cruz and Donald Trump and flood to him?

That is the equivalent of the magic thinking some people have that they are going to win the lottery.

But assume for a second, in some smoke filled room in Cleveland, some bizarre deal was cut that allowed the liberal governor from Ohio, who by that point will have probably lost 49 states, to become the nominee of the Republican Party.

What would happen to the GOP?

The answer is, the GOP would die the same death the Whig Party died.

America does not want two liberal parties. In fact, it is pretty clear based on what we have seen this year, most of America does not even want one liberal party. What happens when the nominee of what is allegedly the conservative party, runs on Amnesty, same sex marriage, Common Core, an assault weapons ban and expanding the size of government through government controlled healthcare?

The answer is, the Republicans lose badly.

The answer is, the Democrats win the White House, the Senate and possibly the House of Representatives. The answer is, the Democrats get to pick the next three or four Supreme Court nominees.

Donald Trump markets to anger. It is understandable why some people would support him. Ted Cruz is the leader of the conservative movement in the United States. He stands for freedom and liberty, so it is understandable why conservatives would support him.

Why would anyone support John Kasich?

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