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Further evidence we are a superpower in decline. AARP-eligible rock stars, who refuse to grow up and act their age, think daring to uphold the U.S. Constitution as well as the privacy, security and dignity of restrooms somehow makes you America’s Taliban.

Both Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams released classic songs back in the 1980s, “Glory Days” and “Summer of ‘69,” that displayed reverence for the innocence of the past – no matter how old and full of ourselves we get. But that was then, you bigot.

This is the progressives’ regressive Apocalypse Now. Where you must devolve, or you will be made to care.

Now the crooners are irony-stricken windmill tilters for fake victims, who believe the moral lessons of yesterday are dead. All in the name of dudes marrying dudes, and/or dudes putting on dresses so they can grunt in the stall next to your little princess.

Glory Days indeed!

… time slips away and leaves you with nothing mister but boring stories of glory days, well they’ll pass you by, glory days…

So passed by is Mr. Springsteen now that he canceled a concert in North Carolina because that state’s legislature still believes in putting signs outside of bathrooms that say ‘boys’ and ‘girls.’ Let me get this straight, Mr. Springsteen is allowed to publicly deny customers a service because he disagrees with their beliefs?

You don’t say. I thought that kind of thinking automatically led to bigot jail, though. Oh, only if I don’t subscribe to your progressive cult, you say? Liberty for me, but not for thee? Careful now, your totalitarian slip is showing there, Bruce. Not to mention you’re a flaming hypocrite.

Mr. Springsteen used to be famous for railing against “the man.” Except now thou art the man, dressed in stockings and heels and wearing mascara. Can’t wait for his next album: “Born Trans in the North American Union.”

Maybe this is all my fault for listening to Mr. Springsteen and Mr. Adams all these years through the ears of my hetero privilege. I mean, when Mr. Adams sang that the best days of his life were “Standin’ on your mama’s porch, You told me that it last forever,” how dare we assume that he was talking about a girl in that scenario? I mean, of course in the music video he was, but that was our heteronormative bias showing. That was simply an evolved, genderless primate, who decided to take on the trappings of gorgeous femininity. And reserved the right to mutilate themselves into something else entirely later should the mood, or insanity, strike.


And here’s Bryan Adams, whose last concert was in Egypt, where they passed out candy in the streets of Cairo to celebrate death to America on 9/11. Somehow a country where homosexuals are arrested right there in the bath house is enlightened enough for Mr. Adams to grace them with his has-been presence. Meanwhile, Mississippi, which gave us the King of Rock and Roll, is a bridge too far for his politically correct sensibilities. All because the state believes it has an obligation to preserve and defend the First Amendment’s religious liberty protections.

Shoot. Me. Now.

Better yet, don’t, because guns aren’t politically correct, either. Nowadays we prefer reconditioning instead.

“… And now the times are changin’, Look at everything that’s come and gone

Sometimes when I play that old six-string, Think about you wonder what went wrong…”

Well, where do we start?

For starters, Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams are so certain about the merits of pagan craziness mischaracterized as “diversity” – dare I say, their false god – that they believe themselves empowered to impose intolerance and rigid you will be made to care fundamentalism. All in the name of reaching their regressive goals. And why on earth should anyone expect them to understand that a house divided against itself cannot stand, when their goal was never to build one but a tower of Babel in the first place?

Let’s face it, these two guys — can I still call them that, or is that a micro-aggression now? – are to human rights what Johnny Manziel is to sobriety. Their musical craft is perhaps the perfect metaphor, though, for how so much garbage has been ingested by western civilization in the name of “tolerance.” Just strum a catchy tune and watch the Pied Piper go to work leading the people right off the cliff.

Singing that we were created in God’s image, male and female we were created, has a lot of competition these days. In fact, just last week I talked on my show about a man who transitioned into a women who transitioned into a dragon. I mean if we’re no longer going to confine ourselves to the gender assigned to us by our Creator, why stop there? There’s whole new species to become. Evolution is all the rage these days.

Yep, we are so mad and drunk on our own egos that we’re evolving into fictional creatures now. But here’s the dirty little secret that Mr. Springsteen, Mr. Adams and the rest of their silly tolerance mob don’t know: when it comes to homosexual “marriage” and trans-bathroom policies, we’ve been dealing with fictional creatures all along.

(Steve Deace is broadcast each weeknight on the Salem Radio Network from 9 p.m.-Midnight eastern, and is also the author of the new book “A Nefarious Plot.”)

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