- The Washington Times - Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Some significant support for a pair of security-minded Republicans: through his Super PAC, former UN ambassador John Bolton is making an independent expenditure of $700,000 to the re-election campaigns of Rep. Joe Heck of Nevada and Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire.

The funds, divided evenly between the two lawmakers, go for a half dozen spiffy video ads for the two candidates , set to run Thursday on major social media sites as well as  on the websites of the Las Vegas Review Journal, Las Vegas Sun and Reno Gazette for Mr. Heck and the Manchester Union Leader, WMUR TV and Boston.com for Mrs. Ayotte.

As he has in the 2014 midterm election and this election cycle, Mr. Bolton remains committed to “national security candidates“ who support a strong military and a proactive defense policy.

“We want leaders who believe that America’s continuing presence in the world is good for America, good for our freedoms, good for our economy, and good for our future. We believe that it is not American strength that is provocative, but American weakness, as the Obama administration has unfortunately proven again and again,” said Mr. Bolton.

Find an Ayotte video here and Heck video here.

Mr. Heck, he added, “understands the importance of national security and the damage President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Harry Reid have caused America,” while Mrs. Ayotte intends to keep America safe and push back against the president’s “reckless Iran deal.”

Mr. Bolton has endorsed and offered financial support through his Super Pac to 139 GOP candidates in the last two years. A spokesman for Mr. Bolton said that more support and endorsements will come out in the next few weeks.



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