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Even as the waning days of the Obama regime are upon us, the spectacular level of its incompetence remains consistent. The Republican Party should jump for joy and always remember the truism, “Never complain about incompetent opposition. They could get better.”

The latest Obama bungle was the resolution at the United Nations condemning Israel for existing. Supposedly, all the Obama regime did was abstain when the vote came up in the U.N. Security Council. The United States, as a permanent member of the Security Council, could have vetoed the resolution.

The Obama regime, used to its own level of incompetence, seems to have forgotten that there are people and nations in this world that are competent.

Israel is one of those nations.

As it turns out, the Obama regime was not simply sitting on its hands when this resolution came up. It turns out the United States was one of the chief architects of this bill and Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry actively lobbied nations to back the resolution.

The Israelis were all too happy to release this information to the media.

Republicans immediately struck back. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham, two men who rarely agree on anything, immediately announced plans to introduce legislation to strip U.S. funding of the United Nations until the U.N. repealed that resolution.

Suddenly, serious people are talking about getting the United States out of the U.N.

Conservatives have never liked the United Nations and why should any American? The United Nations was given to us by President Franklin Roosevelt and Soviet spy Alger Hiss. Since its inception, it has been anti-democratic, anti-western and anti-liberty.

Getting the United States out of the United Nations was a call that was generally reserved for the political fringe. Until now. Charles Krauthammer, Fox News analyst and respected conservative writer, called for President-elect Donald Trump to put his name on the United Nations headquarters in Manhattan and turn it into condos.

The United States pays approximately $8 billion a year to the United Nations. What does this nation get for that?

Very little.

America pays for a platform for America-hating dictators to come and rail against the greatest nation on Earth. The United Nations has become a joke, when nations like Saudi Arabia lead human rights committees. The waste, fraud and corruption in the U.N. is legendary. Yet when confronted about that, U.N. bureaucrats whine they need more money.

For $8 billion, the U.S. could buy another aircraft carrier or four nuclear-attack submarines. There are an infinite number of items the government could spend $8 billion on. The government could just burn $8 billion and still get more for its money than it currently gets from the United Nations.

The Obama regime decided that it would try to create problems on the way out for the new Trump administration. The Obama administration figured it could sew chaos with Israel and no one would know.

Instead of causing problems for Israel and President-elect Trump, the administration has given legs to a movement in the United States to exit the U.N. Some people have speculated that after Barack Obama leaves office, he sees his future as an international leader with the United Nations.

It would be a delicious irony if some of Mr. Obama’s final acts as president lead the United States to leave the United Nations.

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