- The Washington Times - Tuesday, February 2, 2016


The 2016 race is projected to generate $6 billion in political advertising, drawing keen interest from those who create and manage the campaign. And some candidates are more lucrative than others, apparently. “A Jeb Bush versus Hillary Clinton presidential race would be best for business for the nation’s leading political advertising firms,” notes a new survey of national political ad agencies.

When asked which candidate would generate the strongest ad spend, 44 percent of agencies say Mr. Bush would be the strongest Republican revenue generator. The respondents unanimously agreed that Mrs. Clinton was the moneymaker among the Democrats. Sen. Marco Rubio was the second choice, followed by Donald Trump.

“It’s not that surprising that, from a pure business perspective, political advertising agencies would like to see a Clinton-Bush matchup,” say Judd Rubin, vice president of STRATA, the Chicago-based marketing group and media software adviser that conducted the survey.

Mr. Trump - who generates almost endless free publicity and press coverage for his campaign - is a source of fascination, even though he actually lagged in the poll.

“The story is Trump and his command of the earned media game. We’ve never seen anything like it and we may never see it again. After this campaign, there will be college courses examining Trump’s uncanny ability to demand media attention and his use of Twitter,” predicts Mr. Rubin.



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