- - Tuesday, February 23, 2016

“Bolshevik” Bernie Sanders is calling for a political revolution. The last time a socialist called for a political revolution was ninety-nine years ago. Vladimir Lenin’s revolution caused hundreds of millions of deaths.

Mr. Sanders’ ignorance of history aside, there is a political revolution hovering over the horizon. This revolution is not going to be Mr. Sanders’ communist fantasy. Instead it could be a reshaping of the American political world in such a way that has not been seen in over 150 years.

Since the Civil War, America has essentially known two political parties. Other parties have periodically popped up and they have usually vanished quickly. The most successful third party was the Bull Moose Party in 1912. It was so successful that the Republican Party finished third that year. The Bull Moose Party was absorbed back into the Republican Party before the 1916 election.

2016 could represent the last election cycle dominated by the current two political parties. Both parties are straining under the same problems. They have factions that simply cannot get along. Both parties have their establishment wings, despised by the grassroots activists. The establishment wing of the Democratic Party is represented by Hillary Clinton and their grassroots are led by “Bolshevik” Bernie Sanders.

The Democrat establishment wing believes they are entitled to decide who the Party’s nominee will be. On the Democratic side, there is more than just a touch of irony as Bernie Sanders polls well, but then has his delegates “redistributed” to Hillary Clinton.

Thanks to Barack Obama, the Democratic Party is weaker than it has ever been. The Republicans now control 31 statehouses as opposed to only 18 for the Democrats. In 2008, the Democrats held 29 governorships.

When Obama took office, the Democrats controlled both the House of Representatives and for a while, even had a supermajority in the Senate. They managed to lose first the House and in 2014 the Senate. In the House, the Republicans have one of the largest majorities in the history of the House.

The Democrats are now split between the big government crony capitalists and the far left crazy socialist radicals. They cannot survive.

At this point, who cares whether the modern Democratic Party survives? The modern Democratic Party hates America and has driven all of the conservative patriotic Democrats from the party. At the national level, there is no Democrat who is pro-life, pro-patriotism or pro-military. After all, this is the same that booed God at their 2012 convention.

The Democrats will almost certainly have to replace Hillary Clinton, if she becomes the nominee. They won’t give the nomination to Bernie Sanders. The Democrats may hate America but even they realize Bernie Sanders cannot win a general election.

When that happens, there is an excellent chance Mr. Sanders’ followers will bolt the Democratic Party. Good for them. It is time they create a real socialist party. American will ignore that party and perhaps there will be room in the Democratic Party for some real, patriotic Americans.

It is time for the death watch for the Democratic Party. May it die soon. It will not be any great loss.

And, it won’t be missed.

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