- - Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I read recently in The Washington Times about Marquette University’s teaching suspension of instructor John McAdams (“Marquette University suspends professor for conservative blog,” Web, Dec. 17). Mr. McAdams blogged his criticism of another instructor, Cheryl Abbate, who supposedly shut down criticism of same-sex marriage in her ethics class. Mr. McAdams accused Ms. Abbate of stifling a student’s free speech rights by telling the student that his views weren’t welcome in her classroom since those views could have offended gay students.

I remember a time when we in this country still had free speech, which is guaranteed by the Constitution. Academia was supposed to be a venue where there was a free exchange of ideas, dialogue and instruction — not a forced indoctrination of left-wing ideology. I guess this

is the end result of 95 percent of the professors on our college campuses being “progressive” liberals pushing politically correct views. Academic instruction is taking a back seat to forced indoctrination.

The Marquette University student who stated his criticism was obviously offended by what he was being taught, but evidently his conservative views are not to be tolerated in our centers of higher education. Marquette University is functioning well in our increasingly closed-minded society. Well done, comrade.


Kensington, Md.

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