- - Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Since 2009, the tea party has changed politics. In 2009, millions of people took to the streets to protest the irresponsible fiscal policies of the Obama Regime. In 2010, the tea party movement swept the Republicans into control in the House of Representatives. The tea party movement came close to winning the Senate for the Republican Party.

While tea party favorite Sharon Angle was running for the Senate seat held by Harry Reid in 2010, Donald Trump was busy contributing to Harry Reid.

And that is the problem with Donald Trump.

Today in 2016, he is appealing to the tea party to support him. Much of his support is as understandable as the origins of the tea party in 2009. Seven years ago, the Democrats were busy pushing the Obama agenda. Meanwhile, the Republicans weren’t doing much of anything.

Conservative voters had become more and more outraged in the second Bush term as Republicans abandoned all pretense of being the party of smaller government and fiscal sanity. Because no one was listening to real Americans, the tea party was born.

In 2016, the same frustration is building again because the Republican Party still refuses to listen to its conservative base. That frustration has turned into much of the Donald Trump movement.

The problem with Donald Trump is, he is a conservative when it suits his needs.

Mr. Trump gave large amounts to Hillary Clinton on multiple occasions. He gave money to Democrat Harry Reid and Democrat Nancy Pelosi. He gave money to Democrat Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama’s one time chief of staff and now Chicago mayor. He gave money to the Democratic congressional committee. He even gave money to disgraced former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner.

He also gave $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

While Donald Trump was doing all of this, Ted Cruz was helping the Bush campaign win the Florida legal fight in 2000. He was working in the Bush administration in the Federal Trade Commission. He became solicitor general for Texas, using that platform to help protect liberties, such as our Second Amendment rights.

Donald Trump defends his own donation by bluntly saying he bought politicians to help his business interests. That is certainly understandable. But there is one supremely important question that conservatives need to ask.

Who do you trust to pick the next three Supreme Court justices?

Who would Donald Trump pick? That is a great question that no one knows the answer to. Republicans haven’t done very well in the past in nominating Supreme Court justices. Only one of Ronald Reagan’s three picks was good (Antonin Scalia). George H.W. Bush got two picks, giving us one good and one horrible justice. George W. Bush got two picks, giving us one good and one, at best, mediocre justice.

In some of the most important cases the Supreme Court decided in the last few years, many of our rights were saved by one single “unelected lawyer.”

What happens if we lose one of the conservative justices and President Donald Trump decides he wants to appoint his “friend” Hillary Clinton to the Supreme Court?

Conservatives have to win the White House this year. Conservatives have to put someone in the White House who will put conservative justices on the Supreme Court as well as the rest of the federal judiciary.

There is only one man conservatives can trust. That is Ted Cruz.



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