- - Sunday, March 13, 2016

On Friday, liberty in America suffered a major blow.

Donald Trump’s campaign event in Chicago was shut down but far left wing extremists. Mr. Trump’s rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago was shut down after the Secret Service and Trump campaign officials became concerned that the candidate’s safety could not be guaranteed as radial leftists planned to attack the event.

For the first time in memory, a rally being held by a Republican presidential candidate was cancelled because of the actions of radical leftists. Whether you like Mr. Trump or don’t like him, this is something that should alarm everyone.

America’s founding fathers believed in vigorous debate. They believed in the exchange of ideas and felt so strongly that there should be a free exchange of ideas, freedom of speech and freedom of the press were included as the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights.

The left does not like free speech. The reasoning is simple. When given a choice, people prefer liberty and freedom over the tyranny that is socialism. But socialism doesn’t want to give people a choice. They want to shut down any choice and any debate.

So instead of debating the ideas they do not like from Mr. Trump, the organized radical left tried to silence him and his supporters.

Mr. Trump does have a problem. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz pointed it out Friday evening when he said, “When the candidate urges supporters to engage in physical violence, to punch people in the face. The predicable consequence of that is that it escalates.”

Mr. Cruz is right about that. Mr. Trump and his campaign deserve criticism for encouraging violence. But this is far beyond that.

The radical group Moveon.org said “Welcome to the general election.” They took credit for shutting Mr. Trump down and their taunt, “Welcome to the general election,” certain suggests they are going to engage in further physical attacks on the Trump campaign, should he be the nominee.

Some on social media reported many of those leftists who went into the Pavilion at the University of Illinois at Chicago were Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders supporters. They celebrated shutting the event down with obscene chants and taunts.

After over seven years of President Obama encouraging radical left wing groups and doing his best to divide America, these kind of riots are no shock. If it were not for Mr. Obama and his radical anti-Americanism, Mr. Trump’s message would not be resonating with millions of real Americans.

The radicals who disrupted the Trump event are not going to stop there. Future Trump events will be disrupted and they will move to other Republican events as well. Hopefully, Mr. Cruz will be the Republican nominee, but if he wins the nomination, he better be prepared for these kinds of attacks on his campaign events.

The radicals who attacked the Trump event are socialists. Half of the Democrat Party believes in socialism.

Ninety-nine years ago, a socialist named Lenin launched a revolution, much as Mr. Sanders is calling for a “revolution” today. As a result of that, hundreds of millions of people died, directly or indirectly.

One hundred years ago, if you could have Russians, they would not have believed Lenin’s revolution would even be possible. Yet a year after his revolution, the Bolsheviks were murdering Christians, business owners, members of opposition parties and anyone who disagreed with them.

The radicals who attacked the Trump rally want America to look more like the old Soviet Union than the land of liberty. Americans cannot simply stand by and let them end liberty and freedom in the nation that is the last great hope for mankind.

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