- - Friday, March 4, 2016

Poor Donald Trump. He had a no good, very bad, horrible night at the 11th Republican Presidential Debate in Detroit.

It was a bad night for him, as Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio ran him up one side and down the other. The highlights of that debate for Mr. Trump was his claim about his manhood.

It went downhill from there.

Mr. Cruz masterfully told Mr. Trump to “count to ten, Donald,” and “breathe Donald.” But most importantly, he pushed Mr. Trump to allow the New York Times to release a recording of an off-the-record interview he had with them.

In the interview, which allegedly occurred on Jan. 5, Mr. Trump is believed to have said something to the effect of his immigration policies were “negotiable.”

No one knows exactly what was said. It was an off-the-record interview. The Times won’t release the interview without Mr. Trump’s permission and Mr. Trump isn’t giving that permission.

Inquiring minds want to know what Donald Trump said.

Mr. Trump’s unique selling points to the American people are his appeal to the anger of voters. Voters have every right to be angry. American politicians have lied to the American people for years. In 2012, immediately after Mitt Romney secured the Republican nomination, Eric Fehrnstrom, one of his top aides at the time, made a very damaging comment. He said, “Everything changes. It is like an Etch A Sketch. You can kind of shake it up and start all over.”

After telling Republican voters how conservative he was, Mr. Romney wiped everything clean and began selling himself as a moderate to liberal Republicans. In other words, he lied to the base in the primary.

American voters, particularly Republican voters, have been furious for a while at the GOP. The Republicans promise they are going to Washington to fight the Obama regime, yet roll over. When former Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor was the majority leader, it became almost a joke. Every time there was a bump of any kind, Mr. Cantor would schedule another meaningless vote to repeal Obamacare.

Everyone knew it was just a sham, but the GOP did it anyway.

Donald Trump claims he is a different candidate. His kick-off speech for the presidency, where he said he would build a wall, lit people up. People came to his side just on the illegal immigration issue.

What if Donald Trump is lying to them about his position on immigration?

How many of Donald Trump’s supporters would continue to support him if his position on immigration is really “negotiable?”

The answer is simple. If that New York Times recording says what many think it says — namely, that Donald Trump says immigration is “negotiable” — he is in serious trouble.

If Donald Trump really said that immigration is “negotiable” then Mr. Trump’s ratings would fall faster than Jeb Bush’s ratings. Donald Trump knows that and that is why he mumbled an excuse last night about some conversations needed to remain private.

Trump supporters should demand that Mr. Trump immediately allow the New York Times to publish a transcript of that interview. Those who support Mr. Trump are the same people who were furious in 2012 at Mr. Romney after the famous “Etch A Sketch” moment.

What happens if Mr. Trump really is “negotiable” on immigration?

It is simple. He loses the election. The question will be is it in the primary or will it be in the general against a Democrat?

It is time. Donald, release the tape.

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