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1| ESPN 30 for 30 (with respect, instead of a smirk) takes on faith, virginity and the NBA |GetReligion

***The folks at GetReligion point us to a documentary focusing on former LA Lakers star A.C. Green, a dedicated Christian and famously known for maintaining his virginity throughout his entire career in the sexually hedonistic world of NBA stardom.

2| As United Methodists talk of splitting over gay equality, top bishop pleads for unity |WashPo

In an interview later with The Post, Ough confirmed he was one of five bishops in the private meetings. He said the possibility of separating was only one of several topics discussed and that in the United Methodist Church it’s “not the role” of bishops to propose legislation. He noted that there are various pending proposals at the General Conference that deal with possible structure changes or mechanisms for congregations to leave the denomination. These are things that have been discussed for years, he noted.

“What’s different is, there is a certain level of candor and urgency that is evident,” he said. Typically debates about how to remain together focus on structures or definitions of who is United Methodist. Council members are “wondering whether God doesn’t have a bigger list of options.”

Mark Tooley, of the orthodox group Institute on Religion and Democracy, said demographics will end the debate soon.

“The whole United States will be a minority and the liberal parts of the United States will be a minority within a minority,” Tooley said, noting that the General Conference is slated to leave the United States for the first time in 2024, and be held in the Philippines, and in Zimbabwe in 2028. 

3| No Denominational Lines’ at Franklin Graham’s Decision America Rally in Missouri |BGEA

A sea of umbrellas floated above the Capitol grounds—orange, blue, lime green, dark red, polka dots and stripes.

It was a lot like the Church gathered there, with all kinds of denominations represented.

“It’s not Lutherans over here, Methodists over there, Baptists here.” That’s Chris Brandt, who wore a long black raincoat and had beads of rain speckling her glasses. Outside, it was cold and wet, the wind occasionally threatening to whisk away someone’s umbrella.

But in Brandt’s eyes, “It’s a beautiful day because all these people are here. … And there’s no denominational lines.”

More than 6,700 people grabbed their hats, ponchos and umbrellas Tuesday and made their way to Missouri’s State Capitol in Jefferson City. It was Franklin Graham’s 23rd stop on the Decision America Tour and they weren’t about to miss it.

4| South Carolina Has Passed a Bill Banning Abortion After 19 Weeks |TIME

The South Carolina Legislature passed a bill Tuesday prohibiting abortion after 19 weeks, becoming the 17th state to pass the restrictive ban.

The legislation will now head to Gov. Nikki Haley’s desk. The Republican said in March she will almost certainly sign it, but wants to look at the details once it reaches her.

Similar laws are in effect in 12 states. They’ve been blocked by court challenges in three others, and the U.S. Supreme Court has yet to rule on the ban’s constitutionality. A South Dakota law signed in March takes effect this summer.

5| Trump Makes a Play for Hispanic Evangelicals |Bloomberg

Donald Trump is looking to break down the political wall between him and a segment of Hispanic voters: Latino evangelicals who tend to vote Republican.

Trump aides have told the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference that the presidential candidate will submit videotaped remarks to be played at their annual conference this weekend in California. It’s one of the billionaire businessman’s most overt moves to date to repair the damage he has done with members of the crucial Latino voting bloc, many of whom have bristled at Trump’s past name-calling, stereotyping and calls to deport undocumented immigrants. 

6| Sales increase by up to 56% when shoppers know a product will last

***We all want to invest in things that last. Products. Relationships. Jobs. Institutions.

7| We Don’t Need a Christian Left |NYMag

***A response to (journalist) Ruth Graham’s piece arguing the opposite.

Graham’s piece begs for a dissent from a liberal Christian perspective. To put it simply, must Christian progressives replicate the politicization of the Gospel that Falwell and Robertson and Colson and so many others undertook?


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