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1| How One Rogersville Church Aided in Carlie Trent’s Rescue |Christianity Today

…The church held a prayer vigil on Friday, May 6, two days after her disappearance. Many in the community, including Carlie’s mother, Shannon Trent, attended the vigil, which was led by interim pastor Jason Royston.

The church also helped in more tangible ways. I corresponded with Pastor Royston last week, who told me that in addition to the prayer vigil, the church had also provided a meal for the FBI, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, US Marshal, and local law enforcement agents who were working the case. Despite the lack of a formal connection with the Trent family, the people at East Rogersville Baptist committed to help.

…People in Rogersville pitched in both individually and corporately because they saw a need and felt compassion for the victim and her loved ones; even before the need arose, however, the church was already involved and known in the community, according to Royston. When a local church is serving before the unthinkable happens, they have a chance to be a trusted source of comfort and service when residents need it most. If we’re already serving our neighbors as hands and feet, it’s much easier to bring others to the God who is our “refuge and strength, / an ever-present help in trouble” (Ps. 46:1).

I asked Royston why it is important in such situations for the church to get involved, and what churches can provide that the government cannot. “We offer prayer and a great reputation in the community,” he answered. “Hopefully the church is a place people come to find hope and comfort in a situation such as this.”

2| Mississippi “Religious Freedom” Law |PBS

Rev. Russell Moore: And so I think that just as there are sometimes some Christians who have wanted to drive everyone who disagrees with us out of the public square, I think that we’re facing some secularists who would like to drive people of sincerely held religious conviction out of the public square as well.

3| Ryan Anderson: 3 Ways Congress Can Halt Obama’s Assault on Transgender Dissent

1) Congress could make clear that all federal laws that refer to a person’s “sex” cannot be understood or interpreted by any court or federal agency to mean “gender identity” without explicit Congressional authorization. This would have the benefit of undoing the administration’s past and current abuses, as well as preventing future ones.

2) Congress could pass a statute offering the same clarification but targeted to just the specific federal laws the administration has abused, such as Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, among others.

This would reiterate that when Congress referred to a person’s “sex” in these laws, the word referred then to what it continues to refer to now—a biological reality, not “gender identity.”

3) Congress could pass statutes based on its power of the purse. It could specify that the Departments of Education, Justice, and HHS (Health and Human Services), as well as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission may not use any funds to implement or enforce its new administrative transgender directives or regulations against persons, institutions, schools, businesses, and governments that allegedly do not comply.

Additionally, Congress could specify that these agencies may not revoke federal funding for any purported non-compliance with the administration’s gender identity directives.

4| Thom Rainer: Ten Things You Should Know about Generation Z (kids born between 2001-2020)

  1. They will be the largest generation in history. Each of their birth years is already a large cohort. By the time 2020 concludes, this generation will include about 82 million people. They will supplant the Millennials who supplanted the Boomers as the largest generation.
  2. The majority of this generation is non-white. That is a first in the history of the United States.
  3. Hispanics are the fastest-growing group in Gen Z. It is simply a matter of fertility rates. Hispanic mothers have an average of 2.4 children, compared to black mothers (2.1), and Asian and white mothers (1.8).
  4. Gen Z is and will be in church more regularly. I read one study by Joan Hope that noted a big spike in church attendance by Gen Z. My anecdotal observations confirm an increase in Gen Zers church attendance, but I was surprised by the magnitude of the increase in Hope’s study. We will need to monitor this behavioral pattern closely.

Read the entire list here.

5| Trump’s new ‘liaison for Christian policy’ claims he stopped a tsunami through prayer |ChristianToday

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