- - Thursday, May 26, 2016

A few decades ago several high-calorie breakfast-cereal manufacturers joined forces and pressured the Food and Drug Administration and the American Medical Association to begin their joint campaigns to condemn bacon and eggs, red meat and dairy products as hazardous to our health. What happened? Well, today more than 35 percent of Americans are considered obese.

It’s easy to understand how anyone can become a few pounds overweight, but in my opinion gross obesity is preventable. In self-defense, the overgrown folks who are well over their ideal weight organized the “Big is Beautiful” campaign and began to flaunt their bodies on magazine covers and elsewhere. It is now nearly impossible to view a TV commercial that doesn’t shamelessly feature one or more overweight individuals.

Drug manufacturers have profitted to the tune of billions of dollars dispensing their toxic concoctions that claim to support weight loss, but mostly do more harm than good. The FDA-AMA-pharma consortium is pehaps the most heinous racket to come down the pike in recent history, but apparently too few Americans possess the mental wherewithal to come to that conclusion.


Kirkland, Wash.

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