- - Monday, May 9, 2016

There are existential threats to the United States of America. I, for one, am tired of the Republican Party doing nothing about them. So, I’m ready for a change.  

For all of you self-styled “conservatives” out there.  The ones screaming in petrified unison that Donald Trump is not a conservative.  You know who you are.  The ones who signed a pledge to support the nominee of the Republican Party and then broke that pledge. Before you go to war with Republican voters, get off your self-righteous horse and answer some simple questions.  

First, we are approaching $20 trillion in debt on our way to $30 trillion in a heartbeat.  Soon we may not be able to service this debt, much less pay it off.  You did nothing about this when you were in power, even when you held the power of the purse.  In fact, you just upped the debt a trillion dollars in six months and funded all of Obama’s programs.  Don’t lecture me about a conservative fiscal agenda and how you are the ‘conservatives’ in the room.  You were an equal branch of government and did nothing.  I sincerely doubt you will do anything about it in the future if given power.  Don’t lecture me about how your ‘agenda’ is more conservative than Trump’s.  You enabled this debt because you are bought and sold by special interests.  You wanted to get reelected above all else so you could serve your globalist masters.  You are not for the common man and the people know it.  They have figured it out.  Trump will deal with the debt.

Second, uncontrolled illegal immigration is killing America.  It is hurting the American worker.  It is killing our culture of the rule of law and bursting our entitlement budgets.  Illegal immigrants are literally, routinely killing Americans.  You didn’t care.  You still don’t care.  You enabled this great cancer eating at the American soul.  You did nothing about this since the Clinton presidency.  You did nothing because your masters wanted cheap labor.  Admit it.  You could have built a wall and you didn’t.  You could have stopped it and you didn’t.  And don’t say I’m a racist.  Immigration is a wonderful thing—IF done legally.  Trump will deal with illegal immigration.  

Third, federal involvement in education is killing our culture and our children’s future.  The Left has absconded with our university system and is creating socialist zombies who can’t survive in the real world and demand free stuff.  The Left is winning the second act of the Cold War subtly through education and you’ve done nothing about it.  You enabled Common Core.   In fact, the 3rd Bush was its standard bearer.  You refused to do anything to do anything about shrinking the size of the federal education bureaucracy, even when you controlled the power of the purse or the executive branch.  Trump will shrink the Department of Education and send education back to the local level.

Lastly, Obamacare.  You allowed it to continue.  You held the power of the purse and didn’t stop it.  Our healthcare system has been destroyed, while you were more worried about being reelected.  Trump will install a market based, competitive healthcare system.  You talk about limited government but the government keeps growing.  You don’t stop it when you have the power.  So why are you calling yourself a conservative?  You’ve had your chance and you blew it. 
These four issues alone are enough for anyone who loves this country to vote for Trump.  All your think tanks, magazines, angry ‘conservative’ journalists, and highbrow talking points won’t hide the fact that the Republican Party has been complicit as these cancers metastasize to stage four in America.  All the other issues don’t matter.  Bathrooms, minimum wage, Planned Parenthood, et cetera won’t put a sword through the heart of America in the next few years.  These issues will.  

If you don’t vote in November, or vote for Hillary Clinton, or a third party, America as we know it will die.  It’s that simple.  I want better for my children. 



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