- - Sunday, November 13, 2016

It was the 21st century equivalent of Truman defeats Dewey. On Tuesday, Nov. 8, Donald Trump did what no one believed would happen. He defeated Hillary Clinton to become the 45th president of the United States.

The last ballots had not even been counted when the left went bat guano crazy. Liberals rioted in the streets. On college campuses, colleges and universities offered “counseling” for students shocked by the results. At upscale Vanderbilt University in Nashville, a university of the 1 percent, students walked out of class to protest the Trump election.

At the University of Michigan Law School, the university sponsored a “self-care” event with “food and play.” The play included coloring sheets, Play Doh, Legos, “positive card making” and bubbles.

These are students in what is allegedly an elite law school. And they need bubbles, Legos and Play Doh to cope with the news? What are some of these bright lights going to do when they are real lawyers in a few years? “I’m sorry your honor. We need to take a break in this murder trial. My cross examination did not go well so I need to go play with bubbles.”

At the University of Pennsylvania, there was a “breathing space” for students stressed out by the election, complete with puppies and kittens to pet and coloring books.

How are these special snowflakes going to compete in the job market against Baby Boomers who are putting off retirement or even against the Gen X’ers who are moving into their middle career years? How are they going to compete in a global market against competitors all over the world who don’t care how special these millennials are and don’t care that they need their “safe spaces?”

One of the benefits America has seen in the eight years of President Obama is that the number of Democrat office holders at the state level has been decimated. Republicans now control legislatures in thirty-five states. When are these Republican leaders going to show some leadership?

When are legislators in these Republican states going to start cutting funding for some of these universities and getting them to eliminate these insane programs? If you are so sensitive that you have to play with Play Doh when you hear bad news, you probably are not mature enough for a major university.

Even in the most red of states, state legislators are unwilling to confront higher education. They allow millions to be wasted on programs that indoctrinate instead of educate. They allow state supported universities to waste untold money creating useless degrees like degrees in “Gender Studies.”

Higher education is the biggest fraud in America today. Academia is bloated with wasteful spending, all financed by the government. Even private universities benefit from federal student loans and state universities get state and federal monies.

It is time Republican leaders start cracking down on this idiocy. Instead of paying a “Vice Chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion” $354,000 a year, as is being done at UCLA, Republican lawmakers should force colleges and universities to concentrate on their core mission. That mission is to educate students and give them skills for a career.

In Iowa, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Bobby Kaufmann, has announced he is going to hold hearings to discover how much money Iowa universities spent on “safe zone counseling” and is going to claw back three dollars from the schools’ budgets for every dollar they spent.

That is leadership and more Republicans should follow the lead of Rep. Kaufmann.

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