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“Democracy depends on the integrity of voting.”

So say some concerned registered voters in Ward 4, the political jurisdiction where D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser resides and whose D.C. Council representative is Brandon Todd, both of whom are Democrats.

The registered voters claim irregularities occurred during June’s closed primary elections at the hands of the D.C. Board of Elections.

Theirs are not generic complaints of fraud, similar to the ones tossed around by Donald Trump.

Theirs are seemingly more egregious than the kind cited Monday by Rep. Steve King on CNN.

“There’s significant evidence out there that there’s voter fraud,” the Iowa Republican said.

When a respected member of Congress makes such a statement, none of us should ignore his words.

The right to vote in the United States belongs to U.S. citizens and U.S. citizens only. You do not try to exercise that right merely because you reside in this country.

If you do not like the law, it is your right to try to change it — as happened with the 15th and 19th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, and as happened with the original Voting Rights Act that a bipartisan Congress passed in 1965.

Now, forget about Mr. Trump’s concerns for a moment. Too many view him as a whiner, as a Hillary hater and/or as a 2016 Class Bully.

If the Ward 4 watchdogs are correct with their research and the DCBOE’s own reporting, then a probe needs to be launched immediately.

According to the concerned voters, DCBOE miscalculated the votes during the primary. In short, the voters contend:

The number of votes and the number of ballots certified by the elections board do not add up. Specifically, the complaint says “the vote counts published for the [individual] precincts in Ward 4 did not provide a matching total” with the DCBOE’s certified total.

Discrepancies at the precinct level included Donna Brazile, interim chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, who resides in Ward 4. According to the concerned voters, data provided by the DCBOE show that Ms. Brazile did not vote in the Democratic primary, but Ms. Brazile herself “indicated that, contrary to the BoE spreadsheet, she also had voted.”

The internal operations at the DCBOE compromised the integrity of the elections. The concerned voters cite several issues, including mismanagement and technology.

In 2012, then-Attorney General Eric Holder’s D.C. ballot was offered to someone who, well, wasn’t Attorney General Eric Holder.

Red flags for sure.

No figment of anyone’s imagination, even Donald Trump’s.

Moreover, election fraud and voter fraud aren’t a Republican thing or a Democratic thing.

Election fraud and voter fraud are being ignored because of the push for voter ID.

In reality, election and voter fraud are things that corrupt a republic and mock democracy.

It’s doubtful D.C. officials will pin an “urgent” flag on the concerned voters’ complaints since most of the city’s elected leaders are true-blue Democrats and they are with Hillary.

Nonetheless, D.C. leaders must acknowledge the fact that there is more at stake than the November elections.

In our country, republican is the foundation and the roots are democratic.

Election fraud and voter fraud endanger both.

Deborah Simmons can be contacted at dsimmons@washingtontimes.com.

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