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I have long wondered how President Obama picks his enemies and his friends. He gushes over Iran, murderous, evil terrorists, who kill gays and want to destroy Israel, but makes fun of Vladimir Putin and Russia on the international stage, “…he’s got that kind of slouch, looking like the bored kid in the back of the classroom.” Then, in the middle of the night, it hit me: Mr. Obama’s a racist of the worst kind.

Russia is a predominantly white country. Africans are a rare sight in Moscow. There are plenty of central Asians but you’ll be hard pressed to find a person of color. They are there but not in numbers. That really bothers Mr. Obama. To deal with such a nation with respect, especially one that is rising as a counter to Mr. Obama’s failed foreign policy, just really gets under Obama’s skin.

Mr. Obama campaigned as a uniter, preaching not a red or blue America but a United States of America. He never meant it. America, and its European roots, are facts Mr. Obama wanted to destroy from the get-go. European, Judeo-Christian America created the Magna Carta in the tradition of the Greeks and the Roman republic. America created the greatest experiment in allowing the human being to thrive ever known to mankind. A freedom-based market economy that gives the individual the keys to their future and makes iPhones and sends people to the Moon. Mr. Obama wanted to destroy this culture, these roots, this heritage from day one in the Oval Office. “God Damn America!” was his hidden creed. To destroy any vestige of European, yes white, culture was his goal. To start a race war was his agenda, to fan the flames of victimization to destroy the white part of America as it exists today.

That is why Mr. Obama has championed illegal immigration. That is why he encouraged the “children” to immigrate from Central America, sending passenger jets to bring them here. This is why he brings tens of thousands of Muslim refugees (0.5% Christian) from the Middle East instead of building them a safe space there, and wants to bring hundreds of thousands more.

The rule of law given to us from our English brethren, the Romans and the Greeks, Mr. Obama hates and disrespects with a passion. He ignores it and tears it down except where it suits him. He does not respect American culture. Running a corrupt government that uses the agencies of government to attack the political opposition is not American, it is gangsta. People say he is a decent man. A decent man doesn’t use the IRS to go after others. A decent man doesn’t allow young black men to rot in a violent, inner-city cesspool of anarchy. A decent man doesn’t refuse to prosecute overt criminality and put the fix in to the FBI.

Mr. Obama doesn’t care about blacks (and neither does Hillary Clinton). Blacks are just chumps to use every four years for votes. Mr. Obama wants more to destroy white society than he cares about young, black men who could be his son. That’s why the feds want to move more refugees to Detroit and Flint.

The white Left goes along with this cultural Marxist theology and agenda. Tolerant they are not. Racist they are. What is happening in our universities is nothing but a cultural Marxist orgasm of hatred and racism. Safe spaces my ars. Get rid of whitey is more like it. It’s called racism, pure and simple. Mr.  Obama doesn’t want a purple America, he wants a brown America, one that is controlled by Marxists. He wants to take, take, take what European-based American culture built until the lights go out. That’s why he’s encourages so much government dependency to the detriment of millions of American’s future.

I want an America that thrives on its diverse strengths and peoples but not one that promotes one over the other. I like what Milo says, to paraphrase, “I don’t care if you’re white, black, gay, straight, I care about how much you want to control my life.” Destroying America’s European-based heritage is not tolerance, it is bigotry. Bigotry in the worst form because it deprives minority youth of the opportunity to thrive in a free, market-based society. I want an America that doesn’t care about the color of your skin but the content of your character.

Yes, I’m white, male and angry. But, it is a righteous anger. A righteousness born of the Federalist Papers, more than the Bible in this case.

Marxists like Mr. Obama want to take from what came from Europe but not build on it. They want to destroy it as they are destroying Europe as we speak. This is why Mr. Obama just can’t see the motives of jihadists and won’t talk about it but will slam Christians who cling to God, guns and religion. This is why he has enabled Iran to threaten Israel eventually with nuclear weapons. Israel is everything Mr. Obama hates, a Jewish cultural democracy with ties to the white America he wants to destroy.

Donald Trump understands all this. It’s why he scares the Left so. He’s right when he calls Hillary a bigot. Mr. Obama is one, too. Mr. Trump needs to fumigate these Marxists when he comes to power. What they have been allowed to do is un-American. It is pure criminal, evil organized crime of the highest level. They will be hiding in every corner and cranny of the federal government, padding their pensions, feeding like roaches in a dirty kitchen when no one is looking.

Mr. Trump is the true uniter, a man who has give economic opportunity to tens of thousands of minorities. A man who understands that America is exceptional and wants to preserve that for future generations.

So vote Trump. Get these Marxist racists out of the White House. Get them out! Then welcome all those who want to come to America legally and rebuild what Mr. Obama has tried to destroy.

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