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She really should stick to lying.

Desperately trying to snatch attention away from Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton took a stab at some unvarnished “straight talk” Monday and accused the real estate mogul of “giving aid and comfort” to America’s enemies. In other words, “treason.”

Apparently, in her addled mind, wanting to secure our borders and aggressively vet people coming from known hot spots of virulent terrorism is a form of “giving aid and comfort” to radical Islamists. Okay. Seriously?

This from a woman who has been a cornerstone of the current administration’s foreign policy who failed to develop even the slightest strategy for fighting terrorism or, at the very least, keeping it off of America’s shores.

Good people can have all kinds of debates about the vigorous strategies former President George W. Bush deployed in the fight against terrorism. But no one can dispute that it was incredibly effective.

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As the Bush administration unflinchingly declared again and again, we kill them over there so we don’t have to kill them over here. Today, they are here. And they are killing far more of us than we are of them.

And, no, President Obama. This is NOT a “war of narratives.” It is a war of blood and bullets, daggers and slaughtering knives. It is a war of burning cages and drowning pens. It is a war of explosives and pressure cookers loaded with rusty nails.

Yet, somehow, according to Mrs. Clinton, it is Mr. Trump who has committed treason, an extraordinary leap, even for her.

Consider the twisted logic of her accusation. Who exactly is being betrayed here by Mr. Trump’s insistence on sealing the border and vetting people who come from countries where Islamist terrorism seethes? Certainly not law-abiding, freedom-loving Americans.

No, in fact, innocent Americans are only being hurt — maimed, killed, slaughtered and frightened — in the absence of Mr. Trump’s tough policies. If anyone is behaving treasonously against the American people right now, it is Mrs. Clinton and the current administration.

Unless, of course, Mrs. Clinton was blowing another one of her dog whistles in her desperado political campaign to say that Mr. Trump is committing treason against the infiltrating radical Islamic terrorists.

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Increased scrutiny on people traveling from places such as — oh, I don’t know — Pakistan and Afghanistan might have netted someone such as — oh, I don’t know — Ahmad Khan Rahami.

In Mrs. Clinton’s mind, one must assume, it would be treasonous to inconvenience or cause slight embarrassment for Mr. Rahami — even if it would have prevented the terrorizing of millions of freedom-loving, law-abiding American citizens living in New York and New Jersey this week.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Clinton’s response to the planted pressure cooker bombs? Vote for me. I have more experience dealing with terrorism.

Finally, the lady stumbles upon the honest-to-God truth. She does have more experience. And all of her experience has culminated in but one thing: utter and total failure.

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