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When people think of Nashville, there are some immediate images that come to mind. Country music certainly is synonymous with Nashville. Southern food, the Bible belt and a state that is bright red are also associated with Nashville.

Yet few people would think anyone would start calling Nashville, the “People’s Republic of Nashville.” Unfortunately, Nashville is not the conservative city most people think it is.

Nashville has had a series of far left wing mayors. Megan Barry is only the most recent one. Under her leadership, Nashville’s Metro Council has pushed almost ever liberal agenda item that you can think of. That includes, making war on the Constitution and the rights of citizens.

The liberal Nashville politburo decided that they did not like Nashville citizens renting out their homes with the Airbnb service. After all, this is Nashville and freedom cannot be tolerated.

In truest Soviet fashion, the Nashville Metro Council came up with an idea. Only 3 percent of the homeowners in any neighborhood would be able to participate in an Airbnb type service (also known as short term rental). If you were not in the three percent, you were simply out of luck. But the Nashville law got much worse. It banned the homeowners from having any signage or other form of physical advertising and it mandated that the police could come in and examine and seize guest logs without a warrant.

Yes, in deep red Tennessee, the Nashville Metro Council essentially repealed two of the Amendments to the Bill of Rights.

The Beacon Center of Tennessee filed suit against Nashville and a judge enjoined the city from enforcing those provisions of the law.

Tennessee’s legislature intervened and is now considering a bill that would deny cities such as Nashville the ability to pass laws restricting short term leases.

The Tennessee legislature held a hearing on the topic and Metro Councilman Burkley Allen was asked about the issue of the ability of homeowners to offer short term rentals. Ms. Allen’s response was shocking. Ms.  Allen said, “To me it is a privilege to be able to do this, not a right. The city of Nashville decided to grant that privilege.”

Think about that for a moment. As far as the Bolsheviks who run Nashville’s Metro Council are concerned, any action a homeowner takes is allowed only by the grace of the city government. Welcome to the People’s Republic of Nashville.

Fortunately for Nashville, Councilman Allen is one of 40 members of the Metro Council.

The alarming news is that the legislative body of a major America city passed such a law to begin with. Even more alarming is the attitude elected officials have towards the citizens of their city and this nation. We refer to elected officials as public servants. The key word there is servant.

The word servant means to serve. The idea behind public service, particularly as the founding fathers envisioned it, was for a citizen to take some time from their career, serve their fellow citizens with service in the government for a few years, then return to private life.

Elected liberals do no view themselves as public servants. They view themselves as our public masters. Their job is to tell us what to do, whether we like it or not, and our job is to simply comply with the dictates of government.

There is a name for that type of government. It is called tyranny.

And right now, tyranny is on full display by the elected government of Nashville.

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