- - Thursday, September 22, 2016


When will terrorist actions actually be called terrorism by the leaders of this country? After the explosion in New York City, Gov. Cuomo stated that there was no evidence of international terrorism connected to it.

After nine people were stabbed in a Minneapolis mall, the FBI said it would investigate the stabbings as a possible terror act, even after knowing that the attacker asked one of his victims if he was Muslim.

There is an aversion in this country by law enforcement, the Obama administration and the media to labeling an activity a terrorist act, especially an act of Islamic terrorism. All we hear is that an investigation has to be made into what led someone to commit the carnage they wrought. Then the investigation is strung out so long it fades from the news and the activity is never ruled a terrorist action. It’s as if were an act to be declared terrorism, the people in this country would hide in their homes and the stock market would crash. Or could it be that the government is afraid tourism will suffer? More likely, they are afraid of stepping on the toes of the “religion of peace,” which, by the way, is no religion at all but an ideology.

Maybe Mr. Cuomo is right when he says there was no evidence of international terrorism, since so many of these perpetrators are actually U.S. citizens. Thanks to the immigration policies of this country we will see more and more national terrorism even though it will most often be called domestic violence. It will all remain a deep mystery to the powers that be.


Port Orchard, Wash.

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