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There is a legend from medieval times regarding architects in charge of monumental construction projects like cathedrals.

After erecting an arch, the architect would stand under his creation while the temporary scaffolding was removed. If the arch was shoddily made, it would collapse and kill the architect first. Brilliant incentive for ensuring sound design, which may be why so many cathedrals and castles constructed 500700 years ago still stand today.

If only the architects of our current federal bureaucratic edifices were held to the same standard.

Can you imagine how different things would be if every congressman or senator who voted for Obamacare were forced to take their own insurance from the state exchanges, and their families as well? Or Chief Justice John Roberts: If he wants to uphold this disaster, let him lose his physician and pay hundreds of percent premium increases, like the millions of poor Americans he consigned to suffer so.

And immigration: Let all those who advocate open borders, Republican and Democrat alike, go live in a border town under siege by drug smugglers and human traffickers, and then dare them to hold the courage of their convictions.

Or education: All those Democrats who want to force minority children to attend failing and dangerous public schools, let them send their own children and grandchildren there as well.

Or labor regulations: For every liberal MSNBC commentator who loves unions, let them be forced to pay 3 percent of their salary to a private, third-party organization that they hate and disagree with politically, like say, the National Rifle Association, for example.

But that’s not the world we live in. In the world we live in, legislators exempt themselves from the consequences of their own actions. In the world we live in, open-border advocates live in safe, gated communities thousands of miles from border incursions. In the world we live in, presidents and senators send their children to safe, secure private schools. In the world we live in, Democrats pass laws and regulations forcing workers to contribute to left-wing unions as a privilege for keeping their job.

This, I think, is the reason behind Donald Trump’s stunning takeover of one of America’s two political parties. It is certainly a case he has made explicit on the campaign trail, which goes something like this: “There are two sets of rules, one for you and one for the elites. Guess who makes the rules and guess who gets a better deal?”

Americans are fundamentally a fair people — I really believe that. It was an appeal to this basic fairness that allowed Lincoln to overthrow the slave power and one hundred years later allowed Martin Luther King Jr. to exorcise the legal segregation that had continued to haunt our national house. And it is this appeal to basic fairness that is propelling Donald Trump today.

It may or may not be enough. He may or may not win. And let’s be honest — even if he does win, it doesn’t necessarily mean things will change. Good and talented people have tried to change the system from within and been chewed up and spit out for their efforts. But here’s one thing we do know — Hillary is a creature of the system. It made her, and in return she has dedicated her life to its perpetuation. She is, in fact, a living embodiment of a self-centered, narrow-minded elitist who thinks rules are for other, poorer people (private server anyone?).

Donald Trump, whatever his flaws, strikes me as the kind of man who, after completing his Great Wall, would gladly stand under it as they removed the temporary supports. He lives, after all, in buildings he created. He sleeps under those roofs and walks on those floors.

Imagine a leader willing to live by the consequence his ideas. It’s a world that could exist, and may yet.

Matt Patterson is executive director of the Center for Worker Freedom and president of 1st Amendment First.

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