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Ronald Reagan warned Americans that freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. America is one generation removed from the late President Reagan’s term in office, and freedom now teeters on the brink of extinction.

Freedom will go extinct in America if the Democrats ever control government again.

Last week in California, David Daleiden was indicted by the California Attorney General’s office.  Daleiden faces 15 felony counts. His crime? He made undercover videos of Planned Parenthood employees negotiating the price for aborted fetal body parts.

Democrats have no problem with undercover videos, as long as the person being burned in the video is a Republican. Instead, the California Attorney General moved to protect the Democrat Party’s most powerfully lobby: the abortion industry.

While Daleiden’s activities were clearly protected by the First Amendment, minor technical issues like liberty do not matter to Democrats. All that matters is power.

During the eight years of the Obama Regime, there was one constant theme. The Democrats, or as real Americans refer to them as the “Party of Treason,” weaponized the government to be used against the political opponents of the Democrat Party.

From 2009 on, the Obama Regime targeted conservatives for being conservative. The IRS audited Ben Carson after his famous speech at the National Prayer Breakfast.  The IRS went after Romney donors.  The IRS repeatedly audited GOP mega donor Sheldon Adelson.

The IRS was weaponized to go after Tea Party groups beginning in 2010.  But what is often lost in the IRS Tea Party targeting scandal was the ultimate goal of Lois Lerner and the Obama team.  They wanted to indict and put in federal prison conservatives, for the crime of being conservative.

On Oct. 8, 2010, Lerner, then still a top official at the IRS met with representatives of the Department of Justice and at least one representative from the FBI.  The topic of discussion was how to deal with the Tea Party and conservative movement and to quote documents obtained by Judicial Watch, “several possible theories to bring criminal charges.”

In 2013, Lerner exposed the IRS targeting scandal against conservative groups days before a report from the Inspector General was to reveal it in detail.  While Lerner “apologized” for the scandal, only two days earlier she had emailed top IRS and Department of Justice officials about the possibility of putting together “false statement” criminal cases against conservatives.

Had Lois Lerner had her way, Americans would have been indicted and possibly sent to prison, simply for daring to disagree with the government.

America stands at a crossroads.  The nation has two dominant political parties. One still believes in freedom, liberty and the U.S. Constitution that made this nation the envy of the world.  The other believes in absolute power and despotism.  The Democrat Party believes in the absolute power of government.  The Democrats believe in weaponizing government and using it as a tool against its political opponents.

Abraham Lincoln warned the country that a nation divided against itself cannot stand.  A nation who has one of its major political parties with the set goal of creating absolute power for itself cannot survive either. At least not as a free nation. 

To borrow a quote from Thomas Jefferson, the goal of the Democrat Party is to reduce America under absolute despotism. 

This is why we must never allow the Democrats to regain power in this nation.

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