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On Friday August 11th and Saturday August 12th, something totally predictable happened.

Some white nationalists staged a march in Charlottesville Virginia over the removal of Confederate statues.  The white nationalists did follow the law in they asked for a permit for their rally. The City moved their rally from where they wanted it to another location. They went to court and obtained an order granting their rally at the original location. 

Then the Antifa crowd decided to show up to the rally and the results were what any sane person would expect.  There was violence.  One woman, Heather Heyer, was killed and a number of other people were injured. 

Antifa, is a far left wing fascist group, whose name ironically stands for “Anti-fascist.”  Someone called Antifa “a bunch of washed up losers, living in their parents’ basement.”  That is not quite accurate since it looks like few of them wash very often. 

This whole tragedy could have easily been avoided and the fault for this belongs to the radical left.

The left in general and the radical left in particular, has a reflexive desire to shut down the expression of any opinion it disagrees with. The left demonstrates this with speech codes on college campuses or in the most recent example, the firing of James Damore from Google because he dared to question liberal orthodoxy.

Antifa is simply the logical extension of liberalism.  When all else fails, use violence to silence anyone you disagree with.

No one had to die this past weekend. No one had to get hurt. The left does not realize the fundamentals of something most real Americans understand. We have a free market of ideas in this country and stupid ideas, like the white nationalist rally, die on their own.  That is, unless someone decides they want to throw a match on the puddle of gasoline.

Had the radical left Antifa crowd just left the white nationalists alone, the “unite the right” rally would have had three minutes of coverage and no one would have cared.  It would have quickly been consigned to the eternal darkness of the oblivion where bad ideas go to die.

But no, Antifa showed up wanting a fight and the white nationalists were all too happy to oblige them.  And this week there will be a funeral and people will be released from the hospital because of that.

The next time these two groups of losers want a fight, let them.  But not in a city.  Let’s find a large field someplace and let them have at it, all day long.  Let law enforcement keep the innocent out and when the day is done, the survivors can be given complementary memberships in the orange suit club. 

There will be more violence in the future. Antifa has made this clear. They have engaged in violence in Berkley and in Washington DC. They will not stop.  The mainstream media has blamed the white nationalists for exercising their rights.  The white nationalists will simply fade away if left alone because they are idiots and no one supports them.

Antifa is a real and present danger to Americans and American liberty. They are violent extremists and they are the ones the government needs to stop.

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