- - Wednesday, August 16, 2017

John R. Coyne’s review of Sharyl Attkisson’s book “The Smear” has flushed another fat rat from the larder of bogus news (“Taking a hard look at the practices and principles of major media,” Web, Aug. 9). The recent political metamorphosis of David Brock, of that paragon of modern news Media Matters, is surely a sign of the times.

Of course, Mr. Brock’s conversion from conservative writer to left-wing hack has less to do with an epiphanic mutation to progressive true believer than it does with the stuffed bags of cash he can rake in for the personal and political hit jobs he visits upon his betrayed conservative brethren. Many applaud his strain of journalism and share his disregard for the truth in the quest to slander and tar political enemies. National security, veracity and reality be damned.

If Mr. Brock can sleep at night in his bed feathered by maligning screeds against people with whom he suddenly disagrees politically, then there is precious little to be done for him. Eventually he will succumb to a defamation lawsuit or the fickle attitudes of the dolts who lap up his fake gruel. I can’t wait to see which.


Leonardtown, Md.

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