- - Thursday, August 31, 2017


Remember the “Bimbo Eruptions” during the President Clinton years? Bubba would transgress and Hillary would move in for the reputational ‘kill’ of the woman he dared harrass. The recent eruption in the Trump era was over the stiletto heels that Melania Trump wore boarding Air Force One.

Did we ever hear any derogatory comments about Michelle Obama’s attire when she was tending to her organic White House garden? Of course not. And no mention was made that Melania, like Michelle Obama often did, wore J. Crew and white sneakers visiting the flood victims with her husband and son. Is this all the left has to “resist”? What happened to the feminist mantra: “An attack against one woman is an attack against all”?

Then there was the college professor who implied that Texans deserved Hurricane Harvey because they voted for Donald Trump. He has since gotten the karmic boot to “spend more time with his family.” Not satisfied with these “kills,” the brigade recently went after televangelist Joel Osteen for not opening his Houston megachurch to flood victims. Wrong again. The good reverend did in fact open his church after his staffers ensured that the flooded areas of the building did not pose any hazards. So far, these are the only contributions the Democrats have made to the Harvey rescue efforts.

Oh, I almost forgot: The Democrats located a few flooded graveyards where a Confederate soldier might be buried because such graves must be purged from history. They also learned that President Trump was thinking about opening a hotel in Moscow. This tidbit must be thrown into the Inquisition caldron. Since Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton, Holiday Inn and 42 others are already there, why would a savvy hotel corporation like Trump not want to be there, too?

Thank goodness for the political left. I feel so much safer now.


Nantucket, Mass.

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