- - Saturday, February 11, 2017

When President Trump won the election, the left went nuts.

It wasn’t just the crazy far left wing activists who lost their minds. It was liberals all across the nation.

After all, Hillary Clinton was the designated winner. CNN, the most busted name in news, declared it so.

The Republicans were, as Decius put it in the “Flight 93 election” essay, the designated losers. The job of the Republicans in general, and Donald Trump in particular, was to go out and lose to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

But Donald Trump won, and the left went into full sedition mode.

It was not that the left simply wanted to throw a temper tantrum. They wanted to do anything to stop the Republican Agenda.

When President Trump announced his Executive Order barring people of seven countries from entering the United States, the left conveniently ignored the fact that the law providing the basis for the Executive Order was signed by Barack Obama. They also ignored the fact Obama had done a similar ban in 2011.

Instead, the left went crazy, calling it a “Muslim ban.” The ban included Iran, whose national slogan is “Death to America,” and six other nations that don’t really exist as nations, but are hotspots for international terrorism.

A couple of states with far-left wing governors filed suit, supported by a host of corporations with left-wing executives.

Stopping terrorism seems like it would be not only a sane idea, but a bipartisan idea. But instead, these companies decided they wanted to support the terrorists over America.

These companies and their left-wing executives did so, not fearing any backlash from real Americans.

Why should they?

Conservatives have a history of not getting involved in fighting big business over its left-wing activism. The only recent examples are the boycotts of Target and Kelloggs. Conservatives became enraged over Target’s decision to allow men to go into the women’s bathroom, if they “identified” as women.

Target’s earnings took a hit.

But even now, that boycott seems to be losing steam.

Kellogg decided last year to quit advertising on the conservative site Breitbart.com. Conservatives responded with a boycott and Kellogg just announced a $53 million loss for the fourth quarter of last year.

Companies like Microsoft, Apple, Lyft, Uber, AirBNB and others went to bat for the terrorists. What is the reaction of the people who elected Donald Trump President?


The left started the #Grabyourwallet campaign. They got Nordstrom department store to drop Ivanka Trump’s fashion line.  TJ Maxx and Marshall’s did the same thing, and whether this was meant as an intentional insult or not, stores were directed to place all of the Trump signage in the trash.

Does Nordstrom, TJ Maxx or Marshalls fear conservative buyers? No, why should they? With rare exceptions, conservatives don’t do boycotts and don’t organize to punish the political opposition.

The left politicizes almost everything and uses American corporations to help fund their agenda. When will conservatives stand up? When will conservatives start boycotting these corporations?

There may not be an alternative to Apple and Microsoft, but there are alternatives to companies like Target and Kelloggs.

Most of these corporations are publicly traded companies. Conservatives need to buy shares and then as shareholders, demand that the companies sell their products and get out of politics.

Too often, conservatives simply want to go home and live their lives. As the left tries to politicize everything, including America’s breakfast cereals, Americans no longer have a choice.

It is time the corporate left be given a taste of its own medicine.

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