- - Wednesday, February 8, 2017

First, Hugh Whelchel of the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics explains “Why Virtue Is Inseparable from Democracy“:

…Today, the idea of virtue both individually and corporately seems to be lost, and the impact on our society is being seen from the boardrooms on Wall Street to the streets of Chicago.

For more than two centuries, Christians have been the guardians of important virtues recognized by the founding fathers. Perhaps we have guarded them a little too well. As Christ’s disciples, have we been the salt and light that he called us to be, or have we watched silently as the moral fabric of our society has unraveled, hiding our light under a bushel (Matthew 5:15)?

You see, virtue is not just believing the right things or even trying to do the right things; exhibiting godly character is who we are called to be in Christ, working out our salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12). …

Next, Judah Friedman writes about “The Spiritual Deadness of the Left” and how it breaks down communication in the public square.

When you compare a United States President to a creature who killed 6 million Jews and 5 million others, what exactly is the starting point for a logical conversation? It’s like the idea of negotiating, or nation building, with people who live in caves. What exactly will we be offering, bigger caves? How do you converse with people who are more offended by a Holocaust Remembrance statement than they are with a nuclear deal negotiated with a country that not only denies that it happened but who now calls for the extermination, and mass annihilation, of 6 million more?

How do you talk to people who use the Holocaust as a prop? The Jews, the disabled, the gays, and those who were different were all exterminated. They have now become a straw man for the spiritually depraved, demonic left. What do you say to people who chant “We are all Muslim” when the Muslim is looking at them, going: “Yes, that is the goal isn’t it, dead or alive?” How do you talk to people who have no regard for the families of Holocaust survivors? How should a 70-year-old woman in Bergenfield, New Jersey, feel when she hears her loved ones, who were eradicated, being compared to Syrian refugees? This is the left’s goal of moral equivalency. They have truly lost all morals.

What’s next on the Holocaust prop list? We know Steve Bannon is Goebbels. Is Ivanka Eva Braun? Is Kushner Himmler? Is Ben Carson Mengele? Are Trump supporters the Hitler youth? When you are spiritually dead, the level of depravity, as to how you treat others, has no limits. There is no low to which you will not stoop. Let’s be clear. This is the left, not Democrats, not liberals, but the left. The problem with spiritual disease is the fact that it can spread very quickly. Sadly, more and more are getting infected.

Finally, Adelle Banks of RNS wrote a piece about how “Trump interview throws spotlight on Christian broadcaster CBN and David Brody (RNS).

President Trump then posted the piece to his Facebook, earning RNS 53,000 likes for the article. The gift that keeps giving.

…Trump’s words to them were quoted across national and international media, in as many as 5,300 outlets, CBN said. A network news release said the program drew 3.4 million video views plus “more than 700,000 views through President Trump’s social media share alone.”

By contrast, 700,000 daily viewers on average watch “The 700 Club” on cable, affiliate and syndicated outlets.

…”That’s been my pitch — that we are an audience made up of ‘deplorables’ who call themselves proudly deplorable and these are the folks that got Donald Trump elected president of the United States,” he [Brody] said, echoing the term Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton used in her campaign about Trump supporters. “If he’s really serious about cutting through the clutter of the mainstream media, then he needs to be looking to talk directly to our type of audience.”

… National Religious Broadcasters President Jerry Johnson said he is encouraged to see the inclusion of Christian media in the first weeks of the Trump administration.

“It is obvious the old mainstream media missed something in this last election cycle,” said Johnson, whose organization has included CBN’s membership since 1968. “CBN and other Christian outlets help complete the picture.”




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