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It’s been the season of big marches for progressive and anti-Trump causes. Now it is time for the pro-lifers to have their say. A coalition of five major pro-life organizations has organized 217 rallies in 45 states Saturday, each calling on Congress to defund Planned Parenthood. All the events will be staged outside the organization’s local facilities.

“Americans want to end taxpayer funding of abortion — that includes stopping taxpayer funding for the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, and ensuring any Obamacare replacement is pro-life, and does not allow tax dollars or tax credits to pay for health care plans that include abortion,” says Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, one of the organizing groups.

“The majority of Americans want taxpayer funding to go to real women’s health care, not abortion. This Saturday, that majority will let their voices be heard,” she said.

The cause — found at ProtestPP.com — has support from multiple activist groups, including the Traditional Values Coalition, American Family Association, March for Life, Priests for Life, Thomas More Society and the Family Research Council. Will there be trouble? Organizers are offering point-by-point guidance on how to handle potential confrontations.

“Many leaders are hearing reports of counter-protesters planning to come out to oppose our defund Planned Parenthood rallies. In the wake of the Women’s March and in the current political climate, it is likely that more sites than usual will experience some type of opposition,” they advise.

“The federal government has been subsidizing Planned Parenthood to the tune of more than $430 million annually,” says Eric Scheidler, who is coordinating the national effort. “The time has come to defund America’s abortion giant. Taxpayers are sickened to see their money spent in support of these atrocities.”

There’s more pushback to come, however. The Main Street Patriots — pro-Trump conservatives with roots in the tea party — are planning “Spirit of America” rallies nationwide on Feb. 27 and March 4, organized under the motto “It’s not about left or right, it’s about right or wrong.”


“America trusts Trump more than the news media,” reports a new poll from Emerson College. Indeed, the Boston campus says that 49 percent of all voters say the Trump administration is “truthful.” Only 39 percent said the same about the press.

There’s a predictable and somehow amusing partisan divide here: 89 percent of Republicans say the Trump folks are truthful; 77 percent of Democrats say they are not. Meanwhile, 91 percent of Republicans say the news media is untruthful, while 69 percent of Democrats insist the press tells the truth.


Most of the 11.1 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S. are in just 20 major metropolitan areas, according to new Pew Research Center estimates based on Census Bureau data. These cities are home to 6.8 million unauthorized immigrants, or 61 percent of the estimated nationwide total.

“The largest unauthorized immigrant populations include New York City, with an estimated 525,000 unauthorized immigrants,” the report noted. When the nearby cities of Newark and Jersey City, New Jersey, are taken into account, the number swells to 1.1 million.

Los Angeles is home to 375,000 illegal immigrants; when nearby Long Beach and Anaheim, California, are included, the total hits 1 million. Meanwhile, Houston hosts 575,000 illegal immigrants, Dallas-Fort Worth has 475,000 and Miami 450,000 — to cite a few examples.

“Some of these areas could be affected by the Trump administration’s promise to take action against localities that do not cooperate with federal officials in identifying unauthorized immigrants. The president’s executive order promises to cut federal funds to these ‘sanctuary jurisdictions.’ Mayors in several big cities have said they will not comply with the order,” the report noted.


Daily Mail columnist Piers Morgan is personally upset by the treatment of Ivanka Trump by retailers who plan to drop her line of clothing and accessories after pressure from activists who don’t agree with her father’s politics.

Nordstrom is among those putting the brakes on Ms. Trump’s clothing line following a social media campaign by Grab Your Wallet, an activist group that calls on consumers to boycott 75 stores or organizations which sell “Trump family products” or are affiliated with Trump businesses in any way.

“Let’s remind ourselves of Ivanka’s credentials as a businesswoman. She graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2007, she launched Trump Fine Jewelry and the brand sells throughout the U.S., and Canada, as well as the Middle East,” says Mr. Morgan, who points out that this particular first daughter also served as executive vice president at the Trump Organization.

“In her private life, Ivanka is happily married to real estate tycoon, and now White House adviser, Jared Kushner, and converted to his faith, Judaism. They have three young children, a daughter and two sons,” Mr. Morgan continues. “You might therefore conclude that Ivanka Trump is the very epitome of feminist empowerment: a hard-working, intelligent, highly successful businesswoman, hands-on mother-of-three and loyal wife.”

Yes, one might conclude that.

Mr. Morgan, meanwhile, remains protective of Ms. Trump, noting, “She’s being annihilated by the very same people who profess to be campaigners for freedom, democracy, tolerance and fairness.”


For sale: The Holloman-Foy home, a classic Greek Revival mansion built in 1908 in Eufaula, Alabama. Six bedrooms, four baths; 8,000 square feet. Includes elegant rotunda, multiple Doric columns, soaring ceilings, original woodworking, masonry, flooring and staircase; beveled glass windows, four fireplaces. Formal living and dining rooms, sunroom, verandah, formal gardens, two-car garage and play house. Priced at $412,000 through Lakerealestateandland.com; find the home here.


83 percent of Americans consider their significant other or partner to be their “best friend.”

66 percent of Americans believe in a soul mate — a specific person they were “meant to be with.”

61 percent say that in an ideal relationship, partners should be “similar.”

51 percent say the ideal person to marry should be equally as smart as they are; 39 percent say their spouse should be smarter.

50 percent are married, 29 percent are not in a relationship, 10 percent live with someone, and 10 percent are in a relationship.

Source: A Monmouth University Poll of 801 U.S. adults conducted Jan. 12-15 and released Thursday.

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