- - Sunday, January 22, 2017


The failure of the mainstream liberal media and political establishment to predict the Trump tsunami that swept across the country on Nov. 8, 2016, reinforces just how out-of-touch and/or corrupt they really are. The voting public is no long willing to swallow their lies/half-truths/distortions whole and without question. The Washington elites’ reliance on conditioned ‘Pavlov’s voters’ to do as they’re told without question is coming to an abrupt end.

The establishment class in media and politics has no one to blame for their current condition but themselves. As the internet has broken their stranglehold on the dissemination of information, they have found their power much diminished as well. Several well-publicized instances of deception, creative editing and outright lies have sent their credibility numbers crashing through the floor.

President Trump’s candor and boldness in calling out the worst offenders during his recent press conference was a welcome change from the politically correct tap-dancing that the dominant media expects politicians to perform. Mr. Trump’s willingness to push back against a tidal wave of disinformation and outright propaganda is commendable, and one hopes it will continue throughout his tenure.


Rochester, N.Y.

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