- - Saturday, January 7, 2017

Before this month is over Barack Obama will leave the White House and Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. When that happens, the Republican Party will have control of the Executive Branch as well as both Houses of Congress.

Power is the drug liberals live for and now they are going through the agony of withdrawal.

The roots of the Republican ascendency go back to the dark days of 2009. Barack Obama had been elected President and the Democrats controlled not only the House of Representatives but ended up with a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

Then along came the Tea Party.

In mid-February 2009, a small group of activists began conference calls and that led to the first Tea Party rallies in late February 2009. Those rallies swept the nation and a year later in 2010, the GOP took control of the House of Representatives. In 2014 the Republicans took the Senate and in 2016, the GOP took the White House.

The cause of all three of those victories was the Tea Party.

When the Tea Party came into existence in 2009, the left tried to demonize the Tea Party. When they saw the success of the Tea Party, the radical left wanted to imitate the Tea Party. The assumption was, with the funding from left-wing billionaires, the radical left could emulate the success of the Tea Party.

They were so wrong.

The left’s version of the Tea Party was the Occupy movement. A funny thing happened when the Occupy movement was created by the left-wing billionaires.

It flopped.

No one liked them. No one liked the crime, the drugs and the violence that went along with the Occupy movement. And real Americans did not like their politics. Real Americans did not like the Occupiers.

Fast forward to 2016. The left is screaming that they need their own Tea Party.

What the left never got and never will get, is there is one secret about the Tea Party movement that made it successful. That same secret is why there will never be a liberal Tea Party. The secret of the Tea Party movement is that the real Americans who make up the movement love America and are committed to liberty.

Liberals hate both this nation and liberty.

That is the great secret that the left does not and will never realize. The left screamed that the Tea Party was against Obama and against “progress.” The success of the Tea Party was not because the Tea Party was against something. Far from it. The success of the Tea Party was because it was for something.

The Tea Party supported the Constitution, the nation, their fellow Americans and liberty.

No one likes socialism when they are given the choice. And every item on the liberal agenda has one end: limiting liberty and freedom.

The left wants single-payer healthcare, meaning the government picks your doctor.

The left wants to tell Americans what kind of cars they can drive, what kind of washer and dryer they can have and even where they can live.

The Tea Party succeeded because it talked about liberty, freedom and opportunity for real Americans. Liberals never support freedom. Liberals wonder why their version of the Tea Party never succeeds.

They will never understand and they will never have anything like the Tea Party.

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