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One of the main reasons Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States in January was because he recognized something fundamental in the 2016 presidential campaign.

After eight years of the great Obama depression, Americans wanted jobs. Americans were concerned about jobs.  President Trump’s message of putting America and American jobs first resonated with the people. 

Since taking office, President Trump has been masterful at pitching American jobs.  And after eight years of what was at best, indifference to the American worker by the Obama Regime, jobs are coming back to America.

One amazing area for job growth is the tech sector.  Tech jobs are well paying jobs that have a future. The president recognizes this. To help bring more jobs to the tech sector, the president created the “Office of American Innovation,” and the “American Technology Council” to promote an America first policy.

So far so good? Right?

Perhaps not. 

In June, the American Technology Council held a summit.  Many of the major players in the American tech industry were there.  Apple’s Tim Cook was there. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos was there, having just purchased Whole Foods. Eric Schmidt from Google and their new company Alphabet was there as well. Peter Thiel, who helped found PayPal was present. In addition, there were representatives from other American tech giants.

And there was one other company there.

It was SAP.

Most Americans just know SAP from their TV commercials. SAP is a business management and customer relations company, and it is based in Germany. 

SAP’s CEO, Bill McDermott, had the chance to speak in front of everyone, including President Trump and Jared Kuchner. Mr. McDermott pitched the White House on the idea of SAP providing all kinds of tech services to help the Trump administration.

What is wrong with this picture?

America has the best tech sector in the world because of the free market. In American, tech companies compete or they die.  In Germany, it is a different story. Germany protects its companies, like SAP. In Germany, SAP’s competitors have less than 2 percent of the market.  In Europe overall, none of SAP’s competitors are allowed to have more than one-third market share. 

At an American technological council, why is a German company that receives the benefits of protectionism being allowed to pitch to the American government?  Does anyone doubt that the minds that gave America and the world Google, Amazon, Amazon prime, the IPhone, Siri, the IPad, PayPal and a host of other amazing innovations, could not produce exactly what the White House needs?

The Germans and the Europeans are good allies, but Donald Trump did not run on making Europe great again.  He did not run on promises of providing and creating jobs in Germany.  President Trump ran on making America great again and bringing jobs and prosperity back to America.

Making America great again and bringing jobs back means that tech contracts from the government need to go to American companies.  If American tax dollars are going to be spent on tech projects, such as needed upgrades to the White House, those dollars should go only to American companies. 

The benefits of such a White House contract should go to American workers in Boston, not German workers in Berlin. 

After all, it was those forgotten Americans who put Donald Trump in the White House.

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