- - Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Charlie Gard will die.

The critically ill infant, who has been the center of an international fight to save his life, has now been condemned to death by the government of the United Kingdom.

On Monday, his parents gave up their fight to take the infant to the United States for a possible treatment for the rare condition that he suffers from. Gard suffers from a very rare condition called Mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome.

As a result of this condition, Gard did not develop normally. As the disease progressed, he began to have seizures, lost his hearing and was unable to breath without a ventilator. In January, his parents and the hospital in the U.K. wanted to try an experimental treatment that might help. But while the doctors were waiting for bureaucratic “ethical” approval, the child’s condition deteriorated and hospital withdrew the request to treat Gard.

Instead, the hospital, which in Britain, is an arm of the government, decided that Charlie Gard’s life was no longer worth living. So they told the parents to withdraw all medical support except for “palliative” care.

In February, the hospital asked the courts for permission to withdraw the ventilator that was keeping Charlie Gard alive. This led to a five month round of litigation. The parents wanted to take the child to America for experimental treatment or at the very least, take him home.

The hospital fought the parents all the way. After all, they were from the government. They, not the parents, knew what was best for the child. In June, the courts in the UK gave a final order to remove the ventilator. But then in surprise move, another hearing was held and the Court allowed an American doctor to examine Charlie Gard. Unfortunately, on July 24, the parents withdrew their request to take Charlie Gard to America.

The disease had become irreversible and now the experimental treatment would not help him.

Charlie Gard will die but his cause of death is not Mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome. He might have died regardless, but the cause of his death is socialist healthcare. The United Kingdom has single payer healthcare. The same kind of nightmare system the Democrats want to impose on America.

Charlie Gard’s case is a shining example of why America should never have single payer. The parents wanted to save their child’s life or at the end, if that could not happen, at least bring him home with them. The almighty state said no.

Even though there was an experimental treatment available and even though there were funds enough to pay for this treatment, the almighty state with its bureaucrat doctors decided that they knew what was best.

Instead of a chance at life, the doctors decided it would be best for Charlie Gard to die.

And now he will die.

If single payer comes to America, we will have a lot of Charlie Gards. When the state picks up the bill, the state gets to decide who gets treated and what treatment they get. It is the state, not the family that will decide if someone is too old for a particular treatment. It is the state, not the citizen who will decide if they want to take a chance on a treatment that will extend their life.

Despite the fact it has failed every place it has been tried, the Democrats still want single payer in America. They want the state to control all aspects of someone’s life.

There is a word for that. It is called tyranny.

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