- - Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Trump administration recently initiated new sanctions against the Iranian regime, saying Iran’s behavior outside of the specifics of the Iran nuclear deal cancelled out any positive results the deal may have brought to the table. Tehran, in North Korea-like fashion, responded with announcing a new missile production line that mainly is designed to threaten airborne targets such as manned or unmanned aircraft.

The Sayyad 3 missile can reach an altitude of 27 km (16 miles) and travel up to 120 km (74 miles), Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan said at a ceremony, Reuters reported.

What seems to have upset Iran even more was the $100 billion arms deal between the United States and Saudi Arabia. Iran has worked hard to become the military hegemon in the Middle East and this has threatened the Gulf states who have historically been American allies.

“We recently witnessed an immense purchase that some countries in the region paid as a ransom to America and they intend to bring weapons into the region, and this purchase was done with the goal of threatening Islamic Iran,” Mr. Dehghan said.

Russia has sold Iran billions of dollars of air-defense equipment and other technologies with the money that was released to Iran via the Obama administration. The argument could be made that the consequence of the nuclear deal was Iran being able to buy sophisticated weapons and Russia having the cash to stay in the Middle East as a military power.

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