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“Republicans have become significantly more positive about their financial situation, while Democrats have grown more negative about theirs. Seven in 10 Republicans and Republican leaners are feeling ‘pretty good’ about the amount of money they have to spend, up from 44 percent in October 2016. Meanwhile, the percentage of Democrats and Democratic leaners feeling good about their money has dropped from 66 percent to 51 percent,” reports Frank Newport, director of the Gallup Poll.

“The shift in Republicans’ and Democrats’ feelings about their money has occurred for the most part since Donald Trump won the presidential election in November. Republicans’ financial optimism grew as Democrats’ fell. But it was not until February, Trump’s first full month in office, that Republicans’ optimism significantly outpaced Democrats,” Mr. Newport says. “The current pattern looks like a near-reversal of what it was during most of Barack Obama‘s last year in office, when a majority of Democrats vs. less than half of Republicans felt good about the money they had to spend.”

Here are the numbers from the survey of 3,400 respondents:

77 percent of Republicans are “feeling better about their finances these days”; 43 percent of Democrats agree.

71 percent of Republicans say they could make a major purchase such as car or furniture, or pay for significant home repair if they needed; 54 percent of Democrats agree.

41 percent of Republicans are cutting back on how much money they spend each week; 60 percent of Democrats agree.


A GOP celebration of note: The Republican Party of Palm Beach County will be staging a sold-out “Lincoln Day Dinner at the Winter White House” this weekend at (drum roll please) The Mar-a-Lago Club, Yes that Mar-a-Lago Club — built in 1927 with a fabulous exterior and glamorous interior, including the 20,000-square-foot Donald J. Trump Grand Ballroom, replete with much gold and crystal. Close to 700 guests are expected.

On the speaker’s roster: Florida Gov. Rick Scott and the inimitable “Diamond and Silk” — the cheerful, spirited ladies who have supported President Trump from the get-go with their feisty, often insightful videos. Also speaking: James Golden, aka “Bo Snerdly,” producer of the nationally syndicated Rush Limbaugh show. And Mr. Trump himself? He will be staying in the nation’s capital this weekend, with much on his to-do list.

The Palm Beach Republicans tell Inside the Beltway that the menu will include beef tenderloin and sea bass; they are particularly pleased with the dessert, which features chocolate, plus an edible Abe Lincoln wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap. See this spectacular club here


“As his administration continues to grow and change, I suspect President Trump will continue to be a disruptive force in Washington on behalf of normal Americans.”

Newt Gingrich, in a Fox News op-ed


Former presidential hopeful Ohio Gov. John Kasich is not done yet. The year 2020, perhaps, is calling him. The governor has a book arriving next month titled “Two Paths: America Divided or United.”

Mr. Kasich is already marketing this book, advising, “Together, united, we can reclaim the America we love and hold so dear.”

Well, OK. Sounds like an interesting motto. Mr. Kasich promises to revisit the November election and deliver a “powerful message of togetherness, a clarion call to reason and purpose and a clear path toward a more promising tomorrow.”

The book is from Thomas Dunne; the publisher advises: “As Governor Kasich reminds us in these pages, America is great because America is good and because Americans have stayed true to who we are: one nation, under God, indivisible.”

More soon from Mr. Kasich, and likely others who are readying their presidential postures. Get ready.


Federal money goes out for research at hundreds of the nation’s universities each year. Some campuses get more than others, this according to an exhaustive review of data on federal aid to 1,871 major universities in 2015 by 247WallSt.com, a financial news site. What follows is just the top 10 recipients:

In first place is Johns Hopkins University, which receives $2 billion a year, followed by the University of Washington ($960.6 million), the University of Michigan ($756.1 million), Stanford University ($679.6 million), the University of California at San Diego ($643 million), the University of Pennsylvania ($617.5 million), Columbia University ($599.9 million), Pennsylvania State University ($599.8 million), the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ($599.2 million) and the University of Pittsburgh ($580.3 million).


For sale: The Pleasant Beach Hotel, built on two acres in 1910 in Fairhaven, New York on Lake Ontario waterfront. Includes nine guest suites, self-contained owner apartment with full kitchen and bath, sitting rooms; 10,000 square feet total. Original hardwood floors and architectural details, pressed tin ceilings and walls. Restaurant and bar seating 185 with full commercial kitchen. Elevated water-view porches and decks, multiple dormer windows, three stories, 25-boat dock, parking for 60 cars. Priced at $875,000 through Franklin Ruttan; see the site at Historicwaterfronthotel.com


82 percent of Americans say they are covered by health insurance; 88 percent of Republicans, 79 percent of independents and 82 percent of Democrats agree.

81 percent of those covered are satisfied with their coverage; 83 percent of Republicans, 76 percent of independents and 84 percent of Democrats agree.

77 percent say President Trump and Congress will repeal Obamacare; 87 percent of Republicans, 74 percent of independents and 67 percent of Democrats agree.

70 percent say policymakers could reform health care without spending more money by making “the right changes”; 78 percent of Republicans, 70 percent of independents and 64 percent of Democrats agree.

41 percent say they U.S. health care system “needs fundamental changes”; 40 percent of Republicans, 38 percent of independents and 44 percent of Democrats agree.

Source: An Economist/YouGov poll of 1,500 U.S. adults conducted March 19-21.

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