- The Washington Times - Friday, March 3, 2017

A disgraced left-wing journalist is suspected for eight bomb threats against Jewish Centers.

Here’s The Washington Post’s headline: “Missouri man arrested, charged with threats against Jewish facilities.”

Missouri man? That was the item about Juan Thompson’s biography that The Post decided to highlight?

Mr. Thompson, 31, was arrested Friday morning in St. Louis, in connection with at least eight threats against Jewish community centers, including some in the New York City area. He was charged by federal prosecutors with cyberstalking, sending online threats to the community centers in the name of a woman after they broke up.

But there’s more. Mr. Thompson was a former reporter for The Intercept website who was fired for fabricating quotes and creaking fake online accounts.

According to Raw Story: “Thompson was revealed as a serial fabulist in February 2016 after The Intercept added editor’s notes to five of his prior stories, including a retraction of an article that included bogus quotes attributed to a cousin of white supremacist Dylann Roof.

That article quoted the nonexistent cousin, “Scott Roof,” who speculated the white supremacist had killed nine black churchgoers in South Carolina because a woman had rejected him for a black man.

Those claims were cited in other media reports afterward.

Thompson worked as a Raw Story editor for two weeks prior to the revelations about his previous work at The Intercept.”

A quote from his alleged Twitter profile reads: “You show me a capitalist, and I’ll show you a bloodsucker.”

Mr. Thompson has also compared President Trump to Hitler.

“#trump is restricting immigration from Sudan. More ‘terrorists’ have come from Europe, but single out Africa. This dude is Hitler,” he tweeted in January.

These facts were all conveniently left out from The Post’s story. All that’s noteworthy, is that Mr. Thompson is from Missouri — flyover country — according to The Post.

Truth, dying in the darkness.

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