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The reaction of the Democrats, the media and scattered pathetic “Never Trump” Republicans to the firing of FBI Director James B. Comey has been priceless and actually has nothing to do with Mr. Comey, or any investigation he was leading.

The baying at the moon and wringing of hands over a supposed Trump cover-up or treason and Russia (of course) is drama of a sort that even Shakespeare would admire.

But enough is enough. The media coverage from the moment it was revealed President Trump fired the embattled FBI director was a hysterical and unified Democratic Party talking point: The president firing an incompetent director, they insist, is exactly like former President Richard M. Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre.” Uh, yeah, no.

Headline after headline, pundit after pundit, and the failed and envious Never Trump crew are breathlessly spewing their indignation and insistence on a special prosecutor for the Russia issue because … Nixon, massacre and more Nixon!

This is absurd on its face and illustrates the frenetic panic descending on the bureaucratic swamp.

You see, Mr. Trump is holding people accountable and will act when action is required. But the bureaucracy is relying on the Obama/Hillary rats’ nests embedded in each and every agency to maintain its control of government by stopping Mr. Trump’s agenda, by making it impossible for him to govern. In order for this to work, Democratic operatives must remain in place; it should be made impossible for Mr. Trump to fire anyone, for any reason.

When Acting Attorney General Sally Q. Yates was fired for not doing her job, the swamp also screamed “massacre!” Yet, when Republicans would make the occasional quiet peep at Mr. Obama on an appointment or issue, he’d lecture, “I won” or “The election’s over.” After Mr. Obama nominated Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court, failed and supine presidential candidate John McCain whimpered to an unhappy audience, “Elections have consequences.”

The American people were also reminded of that painful fact every day for eight years as we lost our jobs, our health care, and our national and personal security.

Mr. Trump’s one mistake upon taking office was not immediately sweeping out bureaucratic and partisan hacks like Ms. Yates and Mr. Comey. We wanted a team that was from outside the disaster, and with that comes a learning curve. With the firing of Mr. Comey, it became obvious that Mr. Trump now understands the nature of the beast he is assigned to dispatch.

The harpies in legacy media and in Congress scream about the timing of the firing, as though this is some evidence of nefarious intent.

That’s nonsense, and they know it.

The fact is this: With the firing of Mr. Comey, Andrew McCabe is now the acting FBI director. About Mr. McCabe’s wife, the Daily Mail reported: “Before McCabe was appointed as the Deputy Director of the FBI, his wife Jill McCabe ran as a Democrat for the Virginia State senate in 2015. Her campaign received funds from the state Democratic Party and a political action committee run by Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe. McAuliffe is a close friend of the Clintons and before his group, Common Good VA, donated to McCabe’s campaign, Hillary Clinton headlined a fundraiser for the PAC.”

Even without this Democratic partisan waiting in the wings to take over the FBI, it’s clear no investigation at the FBI is quashed because the director leaves. No matter who takes the helm, the work in progress continues.

Despite this, Democrats and their media allies are now screaming for a special prosecutor. There’s no reason for this, of course, but it speaks to their frantic need for the contrived Trump-Russia investigation to remain in the forefront. It also would guarantee a perpetual sideshow meant to hobble the Trump administration.

If Mr. Trump and his team ever try to navigate to a “good time” for them to govern, they’re in for a surprise. The bureaucrats have lost their minds, and cannot be reasoned with. If it were up to them, there would never be a good time for Mr. Trump to wake up in the morning. There is nothing he can do to placate them, and nothing he does will ever be good enough. Ergo, the president should act as and when he sees fit.

The bureaucracy has made it clear its primary intention is to artificially keep Mr. Trump and his administration under a contrived cloud.

Ultimately, the bureaucrats know Mr. Trump was elected to clean the clock of a system that has grown fat and comfortable on the sacrifice and pain of the American people. They’ve set up a game where the only losers are the increasingly abused and voiceless citizenry.

In order to stop Mr. Trump, they have to stop him from being able to fire people. And they have to try to manipulate the American people, with the frenetic help of the legacy media, into believing that Mr. Trump acting on his authority as president is somehow a crime.

What should Mr. Trump do? Damn the torpedoes and continue to do his job.

• Tammy Bruce, author and Fox News contributor, is a radio talk show host.

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