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The left is going to kill someone.

After the 2016 election, something happened in American politics. The left went absolutely nuts.

The left was shocked. After all, they were told by the media Hillary Clinton would win and the Democrats would take the Senate. But something happened on the way to the far left Nirvana. America spoke and said it did not want the socialism the Democrats offered.

On January 20, when real America welcomed the end of the error known as the Obama Regime, the left went crazy. They rioted in American cities, including Washington DC. A new group appeared called, “Antifa,” which is allegedly short for anti-fascist.

The Antifa became just like Hitler’s brownshirts. They engaged in riots and assaults against supporters of President Donald Trump at rallies. The radical hasn’t stopped with simply beating peaceful supporters of President Trump. They threatened Congressman Tom Garrett, saying, “This is how we are going to kill your wife.”

Now, the crazy left has actually attacked a Congressman.

David Kustoff is a freshman Republican Congressman, representing Tennessee’s 8th Congressional District. He is also considered a rising star among the freshman class. On May 8th, Congressman Kustoff held a town hall in Martin, Tennessee at the University of Tennessee Martin campus.

Wendi Wright followed Congressman Kustoff and a staff member after they left the town hall and chased them in a car. At one point, the Congressman and his staffer feared they would be run off the road. They pulled into a driveway, and Wright came out screaming at the Congressman, beating on the car and trying to get into the car.

The police were called and Wright fled. She has since been arrested and for the moment is facing felony reckless endangerment charges.

According to Sargent Marty Plunk of the Weakley County Sheriff’s Department, her motive for the attack was her anger at Congressman Kustoff for voting to repeal Obamacare.

Something must be done to stop the insanity from the left. The solution is to have all of these violent leftists arrested and prosecuted.

Following the Inauguration Day riots, over two hundred people were arrested. They were shocked at these arrests, since the Obama Regime would not prosecute leftist rioters. They went into a state of stunned disbelief as prosecutors announce they would pursue felony charges against the rioters that would land them in federal prison for years.

The leftist criminals are not protesters. They are not exercising their constitutional rights. They are not engaged in free speech. They are committing crimes. Rioting is not peaceful assembly. Assault is not an activity that is protected by the First Amendment. Destroying and vandalizing private property is not petitioning the government for redress of grievances.

The left wing extremists committing these crimes are not simply people who have policy disagreements with the Trump administration. These are radicals who want to overthrow the American government and replace it with a socialist/Marxist government. They want to take America into the form of government that ends with poverty, tyranny and too often, mass murder. They don’t want to make America great again. They want to make America into Venezuela.

The truth is, they are nothing more than common criminals.

And they should be treated as such.

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