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In 2016, candidate Donald Trump had one simple thing to say about the Paris climate change treaty: “We’re going to cancel the Paris climate agreement and stop all payments of United States tax dollars to U.N. global warming programs.”

Even before President Trump took office, many of his conservative critics were impressed with his willingness to advocate conservative policy positions, put conservatives at the top of his administration and most of all, to start keeping his promises. 

So the obvious question is, why hasn’t President Trump pulled America out of the Paris climate change treaty?

The Paris treaty effectively makes it impossible for the United States to operate any coal fired power plants in American territory. Meanwhile, the rest of the world, including China and India are allowed to not only operate coal fired plants but expand the use of them.

Does anyone remember then candidate Barack Obama’s pledge to the American people that he would kill coal fired power plants and the price of American energy would “necessarily skyrocket.”

When Barack Obama was still in the White House, he signed the Paris treaty but called it an agreement as a way to avoid sending it to the Senate for ratification.  Under the U.S. Constitution, a two thirds majority is required to ratify a treaty.  By the time Obama signed the agreement, the Senate was in Republican hands so it would have been dead on arrival. But even if the Party of Treason held a majority, there are a few Democrats left who understand ratifying that treaty would be political suicide.  So Obama could never have gotten the two thirds needed for ratification. 

The obvious question now is, why hasn’t President Trump kept his word and killed this treaty? 

Unfortunately for real Americans, there are a lot of Obama holdovers still running agencies in Washington.  The State Department has written a memo to the President calling on him not to send the Paris climate change treaty to the Senate as the U.S. Constitution requires.  Some within the administration are also pushing this as well.

According to published sources, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump intervened back in February to strip out language critical of the Paris climate change treaty in President Trump’s executive order on environmental regulations. 

In 2016, Americans spoke. They are tired of international bureaucrats trying to dictate to America what it will and will not do. President Trump even mentioned this on the stump as he criticized the Paris climate change treaty.  He said, “President Obama entered the United States into the Paris climate accord unilaterally and without the permission of Congress. This agreement gives foreign bureaucrats control over how much our energy and how much we use right here in America. So foreign bureaucrats are gonna be controlling what we’re using and what we’re doing on our land in our country. No way. No way.”

The Paris climate change treaty is just that; a treaty.  It should be sent to the Senate for ratification as the Senate is charged to do. The Senate should then immediately reject this treaty.

Real Americans voted for President Trump because they were tired of the Obama Regime’s constant efforts to put every other nation ahead of America and his non-stop efforts to damage and diminish the American economy.  As the Paris treaty still lingers, these Americans are asking why President Trump has not repudiated this treaty.

Mr. Trump, tear up this treaty.

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