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Kate Harding, a feminist writer who’s penned the book “Nasty Women: Feminism, Resistance and Revolution in Trump’s America,” has said that Sen. Al Franken should do penance for his sexual assault — you know, the one captured in part on camera — but not resign from political office.

Harding’s logic?

He’s a Democrat and his political voice is needed in Washington, D.C., she wrote in an opinion piece for the Washington Post.

This would seem a rather astonishing view for a supposed feminist to take.

But there it is.

Harding wrote: “As a feminist and the author of a book on rape culture, I could reasonably be expected to lead the calls for Al Franken to step down, following allegations that he forced his tongue down a woman’s throat, accompanied by a photo of him grinning as he moves in to grope her breasts while she sleeps. It’s disgusting … and I firmly believe he should suffer social and professional consequences for it.”

But those consequences shouldn’t include loss of his Senate seat, she went on.

Consider the political repercussions, she opined.

Consider the future, she pleaded.

Think of the party and for which it stands — abortion and birth control and the like.

“[I]f we set this precedent in the interest of demonstrating our party’s solidarity with harassed and abused women, we’re only going to drain the swamp of people who, however flawed, still regularly vote to protect women’s rights and freedoms,” she wrote, the Daily Caller noted.

In other words: Losing Franken would mean one less Democrat in Congress.

Or more, she warned.

“I’m betting that there will be more,” she wrote. “And more after that. And they won’t all come from states with Democratic governors and a deep bench of progressive replacements. Some will, if ousted, have their successors chosen by Republicans.”

And while sexual harassment and sexual assault is bad — apparently, to Harding, a Republican is worse.

“If the short-term ‘right thing’ leads to long-term political catastrophe for American women,” she went on, “I think we need to reconsider our definition of the right thing. Don’t just apologize and drop out of sight. Do penance. Live the values you campaigned on. Be a selfless champion for women’s rights.”

And the victim of Franken’s blatantly inappropriate behavior — the sleeping, innocent victim?

Well, she apparently should take one for the team. Be silent and suffer for the greater good of the Democratic Party — at least until another women comes forward to accuse Franken of the same. And then? Well then, that’s enough of that — that’s when Franken should resign, Harding said.

This isn’t really a good face for the Democratic Party to wear.

Really, can’t we just agree that sexually harassing women is bad, no matter which political party the perpetrator supports? Let’s remember: Franken’s caught on film, in the act, grinning. On top of that, he’s apologized, at least twice, an action that carries an admission of guilt. He should be a natch no-go for Democrats.

Shouldn’t more concern be given for Franken’s victim than the fate of a political party?

The fact some on the left don’t see it that way is problematic. It exposes the left as selective when it comes to women’s rights. The fact that a self-declared feminist doesn’t see it that way is shameful. It exposes the whole leftist-driven women’s rights movement as a sham, as a political prop without moral compass.

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