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Walk into an inner-city kindergarten and at least half of the kids you see are going to be fat, pre-Type-2 diabetics (“Thirst prevails again in Chicago.” Web, Oct. 18). In fact, a number of these kids got set up for diabetes in the womb because their mothers were following the federal food guidelines. That’s right, kids can develop insulin resistance before they are born. Inner cities are full of fat people, and even some of the skinny ones have fatty livers, fatty pancreases and eventually loss of blood-sugar control, then hyperinsulinemia.

So along comes Michael Bloomberg, and he takes the sugar-tax route. It worked for cigarettes, right? Well, not really. Die-hard smokers are still paying the taxes and smoking. However, public views on smoking have changed, even in Hollywood, which did more to boost the cigarette industry than any other institution in society. My guess is that Mr. Bloomberg, Michelle Obama and their ilk still do not understand what they are dealing with. Either they don’t get the cause, the etiology of Type 2 diabetes and every chronic disease that follows, or they just want to enhance their public images and don’t care if they don’t change anything.

Mr. Bloomberg has the money to raise a stink, which might eventually change public perceptions, and that in turn might eventually change consumer preferences. But all of the institutions that you trust caused this mess. “Nutritional science” is an oxymoron.

The U.S. food supply, as currently subsidized and conceived, makes you sick. If Mr. Bloomberg wants to have an effect he can start exposing the elephants: USDA, FDA, NIH, ADA, AHA, ACS and so on. Basing a food supply on grains plus sugar deep-fried in vegetable oil has been a disaster, and Mr. Bloomberg can start suing and propagandizing, or he can stick with the sugar tax, which is a complete dead end.



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