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While on a recent trip to Eastern Europe, and talking with government officials in multiple jurisdictions, I noticed one change in the national security narrative that is new to this part of the world. Europe is realizing that North Korea can hit the continent with nuclear weapons. Kim Jong-un’s regime has multiple nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them.

All of the wailing and gnashing of teeth in Western Europe over the decades against American missile defense plans seems to have vanished, just as quickly as they have in South Korea as the facts on the ground have changed.  Romania and Poland’s decision to house the AEGIS missile defense system, which was designed to defend against rogue states like the DPRK, seems highly prescient and wise. Ronald Reagan somewhere is smiling.

Just as in the lower 48 contiguous American states, Kim does not have to be accurate with a missile to hit a city or military installation.  He only has to detonate a warhead as an airburst, an electromagnetic pulse attack, or EMP.  This will shut down a wide swath of Europe’s electric grid.  This means no electricity, no food, no water, no medicine, for a very long time.  The plague will look like a Sunday picnic in comparison.  

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is currently on a trip to Japan and South Korea. He described the situation elegantly, saying North Korea had the ability to threaten Europe. “We recognize that Europe has also entered the [North Korean] missile range, and NATO member states are already in danger,” he told Yomiuri Shimbun, a Japanese newspaper.

“NATO has the capabilities and the resolve to respond to any threat and to any aggressor…No NATO allies and of course NATO do not want war… that would be a disaster,” Stoltenberg commented to Jiji Press over the weekend.  

“We see a North Korea whose objective is to have missiles capable of transporting a nuclear weapon tomorrow,” France’s foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told RTL radio. “In a few months, that will be a reality. At that moment, when it has the capability to hit the U.S., even Europe and at the very least Japan and China, with a nuclear weapon, the situation will be explosive,” reported Newsweek.

The good news is the free world finally has a leader willing to confront the North Korean problem.  All the derision by Western European leaders directed at Donald Trump for goading Europe to defend itself seems childish and irresponsible at this point.  For just like Reagan, Trump is willing to speak the truth.  And just like Reagan’s forcing the world to develop missile defense, Europe will be safer because of President Trump. 

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