- - Wednesday, September 13, 2017

David Phillips (“Why Serbia must recognize Kosovo’s independence,” Web, Sept. 4) presents a very distorted and immature view of Kosovo’s “independence.” As is common with pro-Kosovo, Albanian Western “experts” and commentators, Mr. Phillips’ piece presents no carrots to Serbia and offers no long-term solutions to the conflicted region other than Serbia giving up the spiritual Jerusalem of its Orthodox-Christian Serbs, who have resided there for over 1,300 years.

The fact is that NATO, shamefully led by the United States, savagely and illegally bombed its World War I and World War II ally, Serbia, in 1999 to steal Kosovo so that Camp Bondsteel could be constructed in Russia’s underbelly and to “protect” the AMBO oil pipeline. The illegal recognition of Kosovo’s “independence,” violating international law and the sanctity of national sovereignty/international borders, sought to finalize the deal.

However, the United Nations will never recognize Kosovo without accepting the return of Crimea to Russia or without breaking up Kosovo into a Serb-dominated north that is allowed to rejoin Serbia. Unless this happens, Serbia, Russia and dozens of other nations around the world (in fact, a majority of the world’s population) will never recognize Kosovo as independent. We can be certain that there will be more war in the Balkans at some point in the near future once the United States is no longer able to assert its hegemony and dominate the region.


Henderson, Nev.

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