- - Sunday, September 3, 2017


Many Americans remain frustrated that Congress has been unable to pass important Obamacare reform after so many years of complaining about it. This has left many voters to question our elected members’ sincerity and/or ability to enact any dramatic change.

Congress‘ next big chance is on tax reform. The president has unveiled an aggressive but reasonable tax-reform agenda that Congress would do well to take seriously. It would create a tax code that is simple, fair and easy to understand; it would create tax relief for middle-class families; and it would bring back trillions of dollars that are currently parked overseas.

If these reforms produce just three-percent growth, it would create 12 million new jobs and $10 trillion of new economic activity over the next decade.

The American people are optimistic that tax reform will lead to economic and personal financial growth. It’s time for Congress to get to work and support this important tax-reform agenda and the American people.





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