- - Tuesday, September 5, 2017


North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has again tested a nuclear weapon, claimed to be a hydrogen bomb. He may forget that the United States has about 5,000 nuclear weapons, some of which are being decommissioned but still number high enough to reduce North Korea to a fairly unpleasant place to live (although the dictator has really already achieved this).

We have all met or been threatened by bullies at school, work or in life generally and some characteristics are the same each time. Generally there is much shouting and threatening, and it tends to be accompanied by a warning or a small-scale act of violence with the implied threat of much worse to follow if orders are not obeyed. The true test of courage is not to react in a more violent way but to treat the bullies as the losers they are and to stand up to them without worsening the situation.

This is a time for the rest of the world, via the United Nations with all of its member countries, to stay their hand and turn their back on Kim both financially and through denying him resources. This will not be any easy path, as many of the countries’ citizens will be worse off, but it is time to break Kim’s hold on his country and hope for a better future for the citizens of North Korea.


Melbourne, Australia



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