- - Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Once again President Trump has made rule of law paramount in determining his administration’s policies, this time with respect to the blatantly unconstitutional and unlawful actions taken unilaterally by former President Obama to shield illegal aliens from immigration laws passed by Congress (“Mexico says it will embrace Dreamers ‘with open arms,’” Web, Sept. 5).

Mr. Trump correctly reasoned that the deportation amnesty Mr. Obama granted Dreamers was in violation of the Constitution and otherwise not in the best interests of American citizens. By his actions this week, the president has reaffirmed that U.S. laws apply to all U.S. people, regardless of race, nationality or political clout. Perhaps now the Hispanic anti-white contingent will realize that being Hispanic does not relieve anyone from having to live under the rule of law.

What’s more, Mr. Trump’s decision to revoke the DACA program advances the prospects of those prospective citizens who will make the effort to come to the United States legally.

Kudos, President Trump.


Pine Grove, Calif.

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