- - Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Stories citing the strong, promised southern-border stance of President Trump reveal that many business owners, unable to fill their employment needs with illegal immigrants, are hiring American workers and paying them more. Who could object to this development? A few, as it happens. These include the Chamber of Commerce, which supports the behavior of membership companies, ethical or not; politicians who favor unfettered illegal immigration in order to eventually capture new voters; those who ply the trade of human transport for the mercenary cause of profit; trade unions, which hope to add this millions-strong bloc of

illegals to their membership rolls; and teachers unions, which embrace illegals in order to enroll even more students and swell the numbers and strength of their own organizations. The employers themselves don’t like this, either, because they view illegals as cheaper employees who don’t demand health benefits or working-condition standards.

In each instance, the primary motivations for support of illegal immigration are increased power over another “disadvantaged” group and the money-making proposition. If these groups truly cared, they would instead be fighting for the American worker, those underpaid or unemployed.

The truth is often unpleasant, so we look away. Yet by doing so we undermine the very fabric of a law-and-order culture that has supported the most prosperous nation on the face of the Earth.


Loveland, Ohio

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