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President Trump‘s new Space Force is now a reality, essentially set to go active in 2020 as the sixth branch of the U.S. military, pending congressional approval. Potential designs for a new space warrior logo are already in circulation. The global press, meanwhile, has seized on the subject with gusto.

Among scores of recent headlines, News Corps Australia warned that Russia was “testing a killer satellite,” while The National Interest predicted “China will soon be able to destroy every satellite in space.” Popular Mechanics mulled “doomsday satellites and the space wars to come, ” while Business Insider proclaimed, “Trump wants to send the military into space — here’s how a fight in space would go down.” The Los Angeles Times declared that “Space Force is a silly idea and a waste of money,” CNN said, “Late night roasts Trump’s Space Force,” while National Review cautioned, “Don’t mock Space Force.”

Well, all right then.

Amid the hubbub, voters side with Mr. Trump on the final frontier: 56 percent of all registered U.S. voters now agree that U.S. security in space should be a priority for the federal government, this according to a new Politico/Morning Consult survey. That includes 69 percent of Republicans, 51 percent of independents and 47 percent of Democrats. Another 51 percent of voters overall believe that “conflict in space” is a viable threat to the U.S.; 60 percent of Republicans, 48 percent of independents and 47 percent of Democrats agree with this.

And what about the Space Force itself?

The survey of close to 2,000 registered voters found that 43 percent approve of the force, which is not too shabby of a number. Fifty percent of Republicans and 41 percent of independents also approve — but only a quarter of Democrats.

And about the money: 43 percent of all voters say the Space Force should exist “within the current budget of the military”; 31 percent of Republicans, 41 percent of independents and 55 percent of Democrats agree. Another 28 percent say Congress should provide increased funding for the Space Force; 43 percent of Republicans, 25 percent of independents and 17 percent of Democrats agree. The poll was conducted Aug. 10-12.


He was governor of New Mexico twice, and ran for president as an Libertarian twice. Now Gary Johnson confirms he’s running for the Senate seat in New Mexico, again as a Libertarian. He has already released a first campaign video full of slick images and minimal words.

Mr. Johnson is ruffling some feathers. The advocacy group ProgressNow New Mexico already has issued a set of voter guidelines titled “10 Reasons Why Gary Johnson is Wrong for New Mexico.”

The Cook Political Report previously rated the New Mexico Senate race as “solid Democrat,” favoring incumbent Sen. Martin Heinrich. GOP challenger and builder Mick Rich, meanwhile, promises to bring a “new perspective” to the race. Mr. Johnson, however, has some political currency.

“Here’s a guy who vetoed close to 900 bills and simply would not accept any increase in the size and scope of government. That seems to be right in the wheelhouse of measurable disgust with both the left and the right. He may be the perfect third-party option right now,” says Republican strategist and former New Mexico state Sen. Rod Adair, who believes that independents, along with conservative Latino Democrats and some Republicans will take notice.

“The theme of Johnson’s new campaign video is that he’s fiscally conservative and socially cool. Most Democratic and Republican politicians are neither. This year, voters in New Mexico and throughout the nation will have hundreds of good Libertarians to vote for, which beats voting for the lesser of two evils. The lesser of two evils is still evil,” points out Elizabeth Brierly, media coordinator for the Libertarian Party.


“Ultimately, border security is national security,” U.S. Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost told Fox News in a recent interview, and speaking on behalf of 20,000 U.S. Border Patrol agents.

She also offered some clarity on the public’s ongoing concerns about the separation of children and parents who are illegal immigrants.

“We don’t leave our humanity behind when we report for duty. The majority of my men and women are parents; I’m a parent myself. Law enforcement’s a difficult job,” Chief Provost said. “In my 26 years in law enforcement, both as a local police officer and as a Border Patrol agent, I have had to separate parents from their children. It’s not an easy task, but when you violate the law —and it is a violation of law to cross the border illegally between the ports of entry — then there needs to be a consequence.”

What does she hope for from President Trump and Congress?

“I need more men and women, I need more technology, I need more wall. Our core values are vigilance, service to country and integrity, and I want to ensure that we continue down that path.”


Fox News Channel continues to rule the entire cable realm, ratings-wise. Things are spiffy online as well. FoxNews.com outperformed CNN in total number of page views for the first time ever, according to new numbers from comScore, an industry source. The Fox News website drew 1.5 billion multiplatform views in July, sneaking by CNN’s 1.4 billion views. Traffic at the Fox News site is up by 21 percent in the last year; it also has bested NewYorkTimes.com for the seventh consecutive month and WashingtonPost.com for the 11th consecutive month.

In addition, Porter Berry — who currently serves as executive producer of “Hannity” — has been named vice president and editor-in-chief of Fox News Digital. Mr. Berry joined the network in 2004, and previously served in producing roles on “The Five,” “The O’Reilly Factor,” “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren” and for major election coverage.


For sale: Frank Lloyd Wright‘s historic schoolhouse, designed and built in 1912 by the architect as a children’s “playhouse” and school in Riverside, Illinois. Two bedrooms, two baths, great room, Florida room, den, breakfast room; 3,503 square feet. Unique stucco exterior, original fireplace, “Prairie” stained glass windows, original wood and brick details; “lovingly cared for and preserved.” Two-car garage, outbuildings, yard planted with botanical specimens. Priced at $800,000 through ColdwellBanker.com; find this home here.


• 68 percent of U.S. voters say the outcome of the midterm elections “really matters” to them; 75 percent of Republicans and 78 percent of Democrats agree.

• 90 percent of Republicans over 65 and 88 percent of Democrats over 65 agree.

• 81 percent of Republicans age 50-64 and 81 percent of Democrats age 50-64 agree.

• 63 percent of Republicans age 35-49 and 76 percent of Democrats age 35-49 agree.

• 44 percent of Republicans age 18-34 and 69 percent of Democrats age 18-34 agree.

Source: A Pew Research Center poll of 4,000 registered U.S. voters conducted July 30-Aug. 12.

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