- - Sunday, February 25, 2018

The United States spent eight suffering years under the boot of our first Marxist president. Maybe our local lightweight politicians wish to focus on sowing the continuance in this cultural and racial divide (“Is Maryland ready to rid ‘Northern scum’ from state song?” Web, Feb. 16). They may well tread on dangerous ground.

Since everyone seems to be offended by something these days, I will say I am offended by those who find offense in issues about which they know little. These leftist sycophants scream and point to a bunch of white fascists featured as part of an orchestrated event (possibly arranged by several city-council members and a police chief with a personal agenda). The event was actively supported by international race-baiter and hate-monger Cornell Green. Our local political hacks do not want to consider the rest of the story. There is no profit in knowing beyond convenience.

Now we have the lyrics of a song in contention. I wonder if any of the politicians wishing to change the lyrics ever sang the song before or knew the lyrics prior to being prodded to divine action by those with nothing better to do.

None of these hoax issues have anything to do with statues, the South or the Civil War. They constitute an effort by those tired and ineffective leaders who wish to prove that one of my heroes, Rev. Martin Luther King, was nothing more that an Uncle Tom, and that violence and division is the profitable way to go.



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